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Another Quick Test, Cabel

August 31st, 2012

We’re almost done with Coda 2.0.3, as we keep Coda updates flowing frequently and consistently to make it the best it can be.

Interested? Please download Coda and give it a whirl. (Update: Coda 2.0.3 is now available.)

If you find a bug login to Hive, our bug tracker, and file it well.

(No feature suggestions, please, just things that aren’t working right.) Thanks!

Posted at 1:58 pm 18 Comments

Any release notes so we know what to test?

Is there a changelog handy anywhere?

I still get tons of crashes when trying to use MYSQL over SSL or Directly.

I’d love to test it out, but I purchased from the Mac App Store. Any way to unlock the beta using my purchased copy like before?

Benjamin, you can unlock the Mac App Store app from the upper bar > Help and there there should be “Unlock Coda”.
Hope it helps :)

Here you can find the releasenotes…

When should this be available in the Mac App Store?

please can you confirm when the Mac App store will be updated – thanks

Not sure if you have any alternative access to Apple or the App Store folks…. But for ‘certified’ developers, could there not be some sort of expedited approval process for updates to software??

App store purchasers are still awaiting Coda 2.0.3 even though 2.0.4 is a week old already. I’ll email Apple with this sentiment but I figure that the more folks speak up for something like this he more likely us ‘squeaky wheels’ will be heard.

Thanks for a great product, and keep up the good work! :-)

Alison Foxall

9/30/2012 2:39 PM

Do we know when this will be in the App store? I purchased Coda 2 today, and disappointment has already set in with the inability to auto import my old sites.

Seriously, something needs to be done about the lack of a Mac App Store update. It’s been almost three weeks since 2.0.3 was released and 2.0.4 has already been released – neither is available yet? Is this their problem or yours?

Craig: We have no control over the App Store review process.


10/3/2012 11:52 PM

What’s the average time for the Mac App store review process? I’m really annoyed with Apple, as I’m still on Coda 2.0.2 and I do have some crashing bugs that I’m hitting.

Please add an dropbox-sync option for the non-MAS version. Please.
Your products don’t deserve this pathetic review “speed”.

Is downloading Coda from your website and doing the “Unlock from Mac App Store” option just as good as getting the update from the actual App Store? I’m really unhappy with Apple (not you guys) for how long it takes them to review these updates – I never would’ve purchased through the App Store had I known this would be the case. Not to mention, that I’d prefer you got that 30% back. I was hoping to make my life easier for re-installs, but that is hardly worth the issues that the Mac App Store has caused.

I might suggest not announcing the version update until it’s been approved by Apple. That would significantly reduce the griping from the impatient masses, and not adversely affect your business or reputation.

I think that would be a terrible idea. Coda is used by professional web developers, who count on it being as stable and reliable as possible. Artificially holding back updates, for any reason, is a terrible idea. I would highly object to that idea, and I suspect the vast majority of users would as well.

FWIW, I bought the MAS and Direct versions, the day Coda 2 was release… because I was expecting massive delays due to the historically poor (i.e., slow) review process with the AppStores (Mac and iOS).


Coda 2.04 update finally available on MAS! FINALLY! :D