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Coda 2.0.5 Beta Ready to Test, Cabel

October 23rd, 2012

For early-access, cutting-edge Coda users: we’re wrapping up another Coda update which eliminates a few possible crashes and hangs, fixes aggressive Preview caching, and improves performance.

If you’re interested, grab Coda 2.0.5b1 here (51MB).

UPDATE 11/5: Beta complete! Coda 2.0.5 has been released.

Then, please use it, and promptly report any issues found in Hive!

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Mike Erickson

10/23/2012 3:05 PM

So, how do I get a login for Hive? I have a show stopper to report :-(

@Mike Erickson: Click “register” here (look on the right side of the gray bar at the top of the page).

Got a changelog?

Also curious about a changelog. Also any direction as to where to poke and prod til it breaks?

Would be great to have an option in preferences of non iCloud version of course, to be able to download and update beta versions as well, like Adium and other apps offer.

Also would enjoy a changelog to know where to focus on for issues. Thanks guys!

Changelog please? :)

Changelog, please! :)

Changelog, please! :)

Here’s what I took from Hive:

• “Wrap Around” setting in Find options menu is now remembered more reliably
• Preview-only tabs now display a thumbnail of the Preview in tab thumbs
• Unsaved changes are now more reliably updated in Live Preview
• Improved stability when using SCM sidebar panel
• Auto-indenting is more reliable when using spaces instead of tabs
• Improved performance of XML highlighting (such as when opening SVG files)
• Stale files from cache are no longer occasionally loaded in Preview
• Added variable instance variable highlighting for Smarty files
• Source Control from File menu now properly disables when you revisit a project
• Fixed some FTP issues with REST and MLST commands
• Hints are now more accurate
• Fixed some issues with entity encoding
• Left and right arrows will now cancel autocomplete
• “do” in Ruby no longer autocompletes to “domain”
• Find Next keyboard shortcut now works after using another keyboard shortcut
• Fixed a possible hang in the CFML mode
• Fixed an issue with the validator reporting an error if a lot of text was deleted
• Added a workaround for a possible WebKit crash
• Fullscreen and new tab buttons no longer overlap after coming back from full-screen
• Improved the speed of syntax highlighting
• Custom preview tabs will no longer be replaced with new documents when opening
• Fixed syntax highlighting issues with SASS blocks, Python function args,
• Find in Files now uses ‘Open Files’ as a default scope
• Dragging images into SCSS files now appropriately adds it as an url()
• Git password now more reliably saved when you hit, uh, Save
• Text processing no longer causes issues with folded code
• Javascript resources now loading in Code Navigator when missing type attribute
• SSL certificate warnings are now handled more reliably
• Fixed miscellaneous crashes and exceptions

Awesome – could you *please* fix the live preview to be able to work with the PHP include function locally? It’s great you can run some PHP scripts locally, but it’s forcing me at times to go back to that web-coding app that starts with a big D…. since the PHP includes work on local source files within it, but unfortunately not Coda2!

!important ;)


11/1/2012 7:05 PM

This is nice, but is there away to make files that end with .ru (rack file) and Rakefile, Gemfile to automatically change the syntax highlighting mode to Ruby instead of text. And last thing that would be cool is to add soft tab before this version comes out of beta.

Re: Stevenson, you can do this by setting .ru files to open with the Ruby Mode by using the Editor -> Custom Syntax Modes preferences. You can also change Coda to use spaces instead of tabs in the Editor preferences.

I’m curious about one thing, what are your plans regarding iCloud? In the MAS version, you can save files to iCloud, but there’s no real way of actually opening them again outside the recent documents list. Is there something more planned or is this unintentional?
It would be quite nifty if you could save “sites” in iCloud so you can access your work from more than one computer, as an alternative to Dropbox and so on.

To clarify: I’m not talking about running the sites or anything from iCloud, I know that won’t work. I’m just talking about storing your work files.

When are you guys planning to address the live preview functionality? More specifically, when can users of Coda2 expect to be able to see live previews of any changes made in HTML and CSS for a particular project?

When it will be available in the App Store?

Still waiting for App Store version.

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