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December 7th, 2016

We’re happy to announce the release of Coda to 2.6, which fixes a few bugs…

…and adds support for the swanky Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro!

Coda’s Touch Bar support focused on the Editor/Preview, Files, and Sites views. Here are a few things you can do super easily on the Touch Bar, without having to take your fingers off the keyboard or move a pointer:

  • Instantly switch between Editor and Preview
  • Indent/outdent/comment lines
  • Jump to a line
  • Insert hex colors using a color picker (on the bar!)
  • Create sites
  • Switch between file browser views
  • Create new files and folders
  • Open the Web Inspector
  • More!

We hope that you enjoy this nice new thing.

You can download Coda 2.6 here. (If you already have it, just auto-update.)

And if you haven’t bought it yet, buy it right here — try using Apple Pay!

Once you’ve given it a try, please let us know what features you’d like us to add to the Touch Bar in Coda!

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Madison Spry

12/8/2016 4:17 AM

Love the colour picker, should of been on the default touch bar layout while editing files, its a very nice hidden gem however it only does HEX (i.e. doesn’t do RGBA when I highlight rgba CSS or support transparency).

It would also be nice if when you select a colour based CSS option if the touch bar went to the colour picker automatically without needing to select it from the content menu or the touch bar button. I would also add a timer before adding the selected colour to the clipboard (or add to clipboard when the finger is lifted off the bar) as if I want to undo a change made on the touch bar I have to hold CMD+Z for a long time to get back to the colour I had previously or lose it entirely if I’ve made a lot of changes.

I love the work you guys do and look forward to every update! Thanks for making Coda even better :)

Love Coda!!
With this last update I’m getting image duplication when scrolling. So if i have a ul element with lots of items it shows a version that did scroll and one that didn’t. Then updates the ghost image after sometimes. Very strange. Doesn’t happen when testing in browsers.

Gordon Werner

12/8/2016 1:08 PM

please tell me that there will be a “publish” button

Barry Manilow

12/8/2016 3:01 PM

Thank you, but I don’t need no stinkin’ touchbar support. I want to be able to adjust line spacing in the editor!!!

The best keeps getting better. Thanks!

Ben Nowacky

12/12/2016 8:29 AM

Cabel, while this update is awesome and super helpful for those of us that have upgraded to the fancy world of OLED, There’s a concern with the lack of substantial updates being done to Coda. I’m a long-time panic and Coda fan, but it’s been drifting to a inferior solution when compared to many IDE’s on the market in the last 2 years.

With other product lines fading off (farewell status board… sniffle… your use was never realized by many, but we always have had a special bond), I’m hoping that signals a focus on the core Panic products, namely Coda. While you can’t share any timelines, features or anything for obvious reasons, can you give the Coda lover community a small “hang in there” pep talk to encourage us to not be swayed by the beauty of other products?

This is definitely a *nice* feature to Coda.

But I agree with Ben Nowacky. We need more *need to have* features.
I have already started trying out new editors.

For crying out loud, update Transmit desktop app with Panic Sync.

Nice update and always interested to see what developers are doing with the Touch Bar. One thing I’m wondering is if we’ll ever see an option to remove the space after : when writing CSS.

I love coda editor and transmit. But if I look at Jetbrains’s editors like PhpStorm or WebStorm or at Atom editor, so there are so many very big changes and a lot of wonderful features. In comparison with other new and modern editors Coda look likes a halfdead cat. The only thing why I still look in Coda’s direction is not a company behind the editor (Panic was earlier much more better ), it’s a native osx expirience. Maybe you can tell us when coda 3 with completely rebuilt Interface and Features (Git, Sass, Less, NodeJS, AngularJS, React, DB Manager, Terminal, PHP with deep IntelliSence …) will be released?? If there no plans for Coda 3, so please make a statement. The users will focus on other editors without waiting for years and hope that Coda makes something new.

Add publish button to touchbar pls

A publish button would be nice. :)

Eric Jacobsen

1/1/2017 1:32 PM

Publish sounds good, I’d like to see a button that swaps between the Local and Remote file lists as well.

Also I would love a Tab manager similar to the one in Safari for swiping between open tabs — except that it would use filenames or favicons (when available) instead of screenshots. (I wish Safari did this as well, those screenshots are pretty useless)

When is an update for Transmit Desktop? It’s been more than a year now?

Michael, Peter,

Here is a reply I got back in June when I wrote to the Panic team asking about Coda 3:

“Aaron Bell (Panic)
Jun 2, 10:08 AM MST

Hi Dian,

Right now we’re working towards wrapping up a new major version of Transmit that should be available later this year.

After Transmit 5 ships we’ll be focusing our attention back towards a new major version of Coda as well. I can’t speculate on how pricing will look but I’ll be sure to share you request to offer upgrade pricing with the rest of our team.

Hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions!

Hope that answers your questions guys!

As someone that uses coda on ios, I was looking here for information on coda so I could also use it on my mac. But this thread really concerns me. No response from Panic to the questions posted here. I am not going to pull the trigger on $99 with such an uncertain future.

Ben Nowacky

1/24/2017 4:02 PM

@John, don’t let the lack of response dissuade you from a purchase. I don’t normally see the Panic fold reply in the blog. Coda is a great IDEO, and I still haven’t found one that I like as an alternative after trying brackets, Atom, Sublime and a bunch of others . I would whole-heartedly recommend Coda, but there’s a 14 day free-trial that you can test out so you’re not taking my word for it.

With that said, I’m just an over-zealous Coda fan. I’ve been using it since it’s original release along with many other Panic products. I see the advances that some of these other IDE’s have been making (love multiple cursors in Sublime, and the rich extension eco-system of atom/brackets…), there’s a tinge of jealousy. There’s been a bit of a gap in major releases in Coda, and I’m hoping to get back onto a better release cycle going forward. Again, in their defense, Panic has been neck-deep in other endeavors lately, and attentions have been diverted a bit.

Hoping to see / hear some updates soon though on Coda. It’s definitely my favorite Panic product, and looking forward to it’s next stellar release!

Any update on the status of Transmit 5? It has been in exceptionally long time since Transmit has had any improvements.

Thank you for the vote of confidence @Ben.

I do know that Panic read the blog comments because I received a direct reply to my comment. No answers to the numerous questions here yet, but I am hopeful. I have been a little bitten with Sublime as a long time licensed user when the developer went dark.

Just my opinion, but Coda is desperately in need of a revamp and update. I’ve been using it for some years now, but I’m now looking at alternatives.

Good lord update Transmit already

Well, a week later and no answers to the questions from Panic. I would be concerned if this were a free product. I have also seen comments removed from this blog post (not authored by me). They were negative, but I didn’t think the demeanor was especially unpleasant. Shame really.

Hey John (and others),

In a few weeks we’ll be posting our “Status of the Union” update which will give detailed status on Transmit, Coda, etc. Remember: everything is being worked on always. :)

Standby for more information! Thanks!

I whole-heartedly agree with all the comments about Coda needing some serious love. I experience frequent crashes which I’ve learned to live with and am also a long time Coda & Transmit user. Really, I don’t understand the rush for the touchbar. I find it gimmicky.

The editor needs some serious attention but more than that I don’t understand the mentality behind the prioritization of updates.
Touchbar? The GIT support has been sketchy for years; why no love?

I’ve said many times to the coda people; I’d pay double for this product, and I’d buy it again, I’d subscribe to a yearly model if it meant the priority was on the developer; not the fads.

Lux Logica

3/3/2017 6:02 PM

The process and technologies involved in developing websites has changed quite a lot since Coda 1.0 came out. The usual process then involved coding HTML/CSS/JS by hand, and uploading files to your staging server via ftp. If you forgot your syntax, you’d google it, or reach for a printed manual. For more complex projects, you might setup a MySQL database. If you were a *very* advanced developer you might have been playing around with php frameworks, or even ruby on rails, and might even be using SVN to version-control your work. That was the programming workflow for which Coda was built.

Nowadays, even if you’re a lone developer working on your mother’s website, you’d be crazy not to be using version control – and GIT has won the war, with a multitude of feature-full, cloud-based services offering free public and private repository hosting (such as GitHub and Gitlab). Developers no longer use ‘vanilla’ HTML/CSS/JS, preferring higher-level languages and tools that add many more features, and make code simpler and more maintainable: HAML, PUG, LESS, SASS, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, etc. And there are a multitude of frontend frameworks that give the developer a great starting point, and save them from having to ‘reinvent the wheel’ on every project: Bootstrap, Foundation, UIKit, Semantic UI, etc. The result is, that for a long time, Coda has not been able to give developers the ‘single-window web development’ dream it promised.

Doing modern web development with Coda means also having several other tools, such as: Grunt or CodeKit (for checking, compiling, concatenating and minifying pre- and post-processor language files), git or Tower (for adequate git support with remote repository access to GitHub/Gitlab), and Dash (for readily accessible documentation on all modern libraries and frameworks). You will also need to use browser developer tools – such as the ones available in Safari and Chrome – to test your website’s performance, and troubleshoot resource access and usage. Tools like CodeKit and Grunt also setup local servers in your computer, so you can preview your responsive site in several devices at once, as you develop. Lastly, deployment to staging and production servers can be handled by sophisticated tools like capistrano, or even git-ftp, which at the very least integrates directly with your git repository and can upload/update just the required changes (as per your commit history, not relying on flawed file date/size comparisons). These are all areas where Coda needs to improve *dramatically*, if it wants to try and continue to deliver on its promise of ‘single-window web development’ in the modern age.

Web development is as complex a beast as it has ever been, and there is a tremendous need in the marketplace for a tool that simplifies the process, and makes it more manageable. Coda could be that tool. Indeed, some of us have been waiting for the Panic folks to take up that mantle for a few years now – talks of ‘Coda 3’ have been around since 2014. We cannot help but feel disappointed to see that other products take priority, continuously, relegating Coda to the position it is today.

If Coda wants to be a “complete solution” to the modern web developer, it needs to do so much more. As a modern developer, I need it to:

– clone and push to my remotely hosted repository services, like GitHub, Gitlab, and others.
– support modern frontend frameworks and libraries(syntax, documentation, hints) – like Bootstrap, Foundation, UIKit, Semantic as well as JS libraries such as Angular, React and Vue.
– support pre- and post-processor languages, such as HAML and PUG for html, LESS and SASS for css, and CoffeeScript and TypeScript for JS (should lint, compile, concatenate and minify).
– be able to setup a local web server for live previewing on multiple devices, as I code
– store deployment pipelines for multiple environments – like ‘staging’ and ‘production’ – and be able to deploy by running database commands, as well as git-ftp commands.

I hope Panic will indeed dazzle us with a fantastic announcement within the next weeks, and will make us crave for Coda, once again.

“In a few weeks we’ll be posting our “Status of the Union”” (2/2/2017)

What is in your opinion “few weeks”? Half a year?

Cindy Robert @ Crafted Logo

3/13/2017 1:57 PM

Hhhhhmmm sound looks good. I will experience it.

jonas Flint

3/15/2017 11:03 AM

I’ve tried to love Coda. There are some things, that are really quite compelling. It’s just so behind, compared to other editors. Touchbar support is kind of meh and doesn’t do much for non mac pro owners. To be taking money for this editor at this point is a bit sketchy, I think.

jonas Flint

3/15/2017 11:05 AM

Also, still waiting on that “State of the Union” mentioned you would be posting in a few weeks… it’s been more than a month now…

Mark Tripney

3/16/2017 12:30 PM

Coda 2 was the first web editor I used – its release coincided with my getting started in web development. I wouldn’t dream of using it now, unfortunately. However, I’d love Panic to make Coda a compelling piece of software again – are they that kind of company any more, though? I’m not sure, but I hope so… Looking forward to the Status of the Union, if it ever arrives.

I was also one the users of coda. But this editor is to old and outdated at the moment. No cool features, no updates, nothing. Guys, take a look at PhpStorm. This is a modern, exemplary and professional editor. There’s no way for coda to overhaul phpstorm or webstorm.

I’ve checked phpStorm. Ohh, I hate Java-based applications with their ugly dialog boxes… Coda is a great app with built-in FTP client, it’s missing from phpStorm. If there were any very small modification, opening coda and publish immediately is very quick method.
BUT. I can’t imagine, if Panic is a working company nowadays. Really, there was many programmers with monthly payment without refreshing/rebuilding transmit or coda for a few years? Blog posts about development in every half a year… Really? I’m using transmit and coda right now too, but these apps are old-timers. MacRabbit Espresso 3 is on it’s way, I’ll give a chance for that. I’m really sad becose I really loved these apps, but… guys, are you hibernated?

When I read this thread (already since “few weeks”) I’m getting more and more frightened of the future of my (actually loved and everyday used) coda. On the “2015(!) Panic Report” in this blog its written: “Coda needs to be torn down to the studs and radically re-thought and re-built for today’s web development landscape”. Since then, nothing happens. And yes, you better share your thoughts as we are looking at some atoms, sublimetexts or phpstorms until then.

Freddy Rivero

3/20/2017 11:20 AM

Well….this is a funny one…

Cabel 2/2/2017 11:38 AM
Hey John (and others),
In a few weeks we’ll be posting our “Status of the Union” update which will give detailed status on Transmit, Coda, etc. Remember: everything is being worked on always. :)
Standby for more information! Thanks!

Yo Cabel, mind the question, what’s a “few weeks” for you?

Freddy Rivero

3/20/2017 11:23 AM

Panic, like….go and Panic if you rely on any of their promised updates or posts…lol

Banned Moderator

3/23/2017 12:40 AM

Panic reminds me every year more and more of Microsoft. Not cool, really not cool. But wait… didn’t create Microsoft this really great editor “Visual Studio Code”? Oops.

@Banned Moderator
Microsoft’s market value is 502 Mrd.. I think there’s no magic required to create an text editor for a company of this size.

At the moment more and more people are disappointed of panic’s strategy.

Where is that State of the Union? Really want to see what is up with the Panic team this coming year.

I am concerned. I switched to Coda from DW, which I still pay for monthly as part of Adobe CC. I wrote to Panic about a bug in Coda twice and I can’t even remember how long ago was the first time. No response, no fixes, nothing. I don’t care about the “Status of the Union” and as of today I am looking at alternatives. I’ve been so patient and I hate the thought I am going to have to wait this long for updates and fixes with future releases of Coda. Save & Publish All when working with two Coda windows is broken and it’s been broken since Coda 2 at least. I detailed to Panic how to trigger it and all. Not even an acknowledgement that they received my email. I love Coda but Panic is crapping on it.

Please just tell us a date when you want to publish some news about coda and the other apps. At the moment this all is unlikely as there’s no reaction. So many people want to find out somethings new about the dev state of coda and all other apps. What’s the problem to post a date of publishing the updates or to say the truth, if you don’t have any news for us… damn

Ding ding ding!

We are waiting…………………. !!!

Coda 2.x is becoming a dinosaur in the world of web editors. Version 3 anyone?


4/3/2017 2:28 AM

@Tim: This is what this discussion is all about.

There are any alternative with sftp browser, ssh client and code navigator out there?


4/4/2017 2:04 AM

@carlo: Sure: atom, sublimetext, phpstorm… etc. I thought, I will be waiting for the promised “Status of the Union”, before jump to one of them. But probably, I say it with the words of Varen Swaab: Good bye!

Just an update – from Twitter…

Transmit 5 is in the final stages of development and is in a closed beta state right now. Should be out before too long. –T

Well, the report came out, and I can only say I am disappointed. No real information that I can see. A bunch of questions and a promise that it will take a long time to come. It is a shame.

M Pringle

4/25/2017 1:36 AM

Instead of putting in fancy nonsense, how about fixing the underlying issues with the FTP engine in Coda.

Have more than one project open, it gets confused.

Install a load of Node modules, it gets confused and never lets you file transfer on that project again. Even after deleting the node modules.

If you cannot get the basics right, best not focus on the fluff.

Jonas Flnt

5/5/2017 10:44 AM

The editor is a joke now. Makes the company look like a joke. No new Coda, and no indication as to when (if?) it will ship or even be worked on. It’s inexcusable. They’ve essentially left their faithful, loyal user base out in the cold…