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Coda 2 and Diet Coda. Now available!

It took longer than it should have. There’s no getting around it. This is the struggle we face constantly. First, we’re busy working on other things, but nobody knows that. Then, we start off thinking we’ll do something simple, and write “No major rewrite!” on the whiteboard. 6 months later, we find ourselves in the middle of this huge, awesome, Christmas-like update that will rock socks, but which comes at a price: a longer period of development so users get really antsy, more strain on engineers who already work so hard, a whole lot more bugs and testing, everything. It even took a toll on me: for the first time in nearly 15 years these two apps had me waking up every morning basically sick to my stomach with nerves. The huge scope, the uncertainty and difficulty of trying to coordinate with Apple and the App Stores, the fact that we are doing two major releases at once which we’ve never done before… well, it’s been a challenge.

But oh, what a challenge.

Looking at it today I think I can finally start to feel that it was worth it. It’s not everyday you get to launch what we just launched. I’m super excited and proud of what we put together.

Yet, at the same time, it might not ever happen again… maybe, from here on out, we do smaller, more gradual releases over time, like a normal, sane company would.

But I digress.

Coda 2 and Diet Coda are now available for sale.

And we really, really think you’ll really like them.

Of course, these are major new releases, so There Will Be Bugs. Just let us know what you find. We’re on the case and we’re working constantly.

And enjoy. Please enjoy!

NOTE: DO NOT post Support issues as comments on this blog post. It’s hard to support people via comments. E-mail us or Tweet us. Thanks!

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Julian Kussman

5/23/2012 10:11 PM

My 2nd (and 3rd) ever purchased Panic apps. Enjoying right now.

Awesome! I love Coda2! Thank you:)

Mohammed Taher

5/23/2012 10:14 PM

Can’t wait to get home!

Congrats on the new release! Just picked up a copy :) Keep up the amazing work!

Thank you!

Just bought my copy. All seems pretty fine so far, gj (Y)

Awesome release, thank you Panic!

Man, you guys are twittering like crazy. I’ve gone and purchased them both, but I’d really like to see full .ssh/config and private key support in the desktop app :-)


5/24/2012 12:27 AM

Great work, I am testing all the brand new features !

Downloaded from Mac App Store!! THANKS for making such a great app! I love iCloud support!!!

Steve C. Joyner

5/24/2012 2:25 AM

Coda 2 rocks. Pass it on.

I just downloaded the demo of Coda 2. (Not to worry, I have Coda and will be purchasing Coda 2 and Diet Coda forthwith.) But I just had to say something — to you, all of you. Wow. Just wow.

I had to go deep into my archives to determine when I first started using your products; namely, Transmit. I know it was (at least) as far back as Oct 28, 1999. Suffice to say, I was mega wowed then. Before Transmit, I used Fetch. And before that, geez, I have no clue. But Transmit was such an order of magnitude better than anything else. I required anyone who worked with me to use Transmit. Call it a pet peeve. Call me insane. Don’t care, Didn’t care. Transmit was awesomeness.

You put out a few nifty apps in the aughts, but nothing I drooled over. But then Coda came around. I was wowed. (Deja vu!) (My current toolkit: Transmit, Coda, BBEdit, CS5.5.) You get the idea.

William Styron. “Sophie’s Choice,” “Darkness Visible,” “Confessions of Nat Turner,” and more. He’s my favorite author. I met him twice before he died. He was not a prolific writer, but what he did produce was (nearly) perfect. I wish he had written more, but I am so grateful for what he gave us.

In a similar way, you — the plural you (Team Panic!) — are like Styron. Not prolific mind you. But oh so (nearly) perfect. Like well crafted prose — an iterative process if there ever was one — your code is poetry. Coda 2 must have been a labor of love and doubtless included many long nights, tired eyes, and miles of mockups on white boards.

Sometimes I wish you “wrote” a little faster, but I am so grateful for what you have given us.

A long holiday weekend is coming up (as you all well know). Go spoil yourselves!

You’ve earned it.


Charles Bueche

5/24/2012 2:27 AM

Well, the major feature are working, but I can get coda 2 to consistently crash when trying to add to the books. Happens on Snow Leopard. For the rest, it seem to be a good product.

I just want to congratulate all the team for this amazing work.
YES, I enjoy.

Great work guys! Congratulations on the launch.

hard to decide MAS or direct version :(

What a fantastic step forward for an already-excellent app. This is an app that truly helps get work done – and that’s the highest praise.

30% of your money NOT going to PANIC? -> Direct all the way for me.

Michael Jaggers

5/24/2012 6:01 AM

Amazing. Completely wowed by the 50% off also, you guys are seriously generous to those whom you probably knew were just itching to click the buy button. Mad props.

Jaka Bonca

5/24/2012 6:06 AM

I was using BBEdit since the version 3. Code simply looks perfectly designet, perfecr structured, intuitive … What I miss or didn’t find yet is the ability to find and replace between multiple files and persistent includes (as BBEdit calls it).
I was using Transmit for a long time. I have purchased Code. I am willing to combine it with BBEdit for the missing capabilities.
Congratulations.All the best.

@ Jaka Bonca

Click the “home” button, then “Find In”.

Coda 1 will still be intact after downloading Coda 2 correct? Just in case.


5/24/2012 6:22 AM

some great work done here. You have cut so far 4 tasks from my workflow + with Air Preview. The laziness begins. Thanks a lot Panic team.

Kevin Filteau

5/24/2012 6:31 AM

I am starting working with it. I like the new site interface. The ability to group sites together was a very expected feature, and you did it nicely.

Francois Fortier

5/24/2012 6:33 AM

I loved Coda when I first got it years ago, and today I totally fell in love with Diet Coda. It’s the perfect app for those times where I only have my iPad, which is about 8 hours of everyday.

Thanks Cabel and Crew! You all Rock!

Sergio Moura

5/24/2012 6:58 AM

Bought it already, and I’m using it. It’s just awesome.
Congratulations on your product.

I’m forwarding some bugs I found to the email provided on the page — is that the right destination for those?

Raymond Ng

5/24/2012 7:00 AM

I’ve been trying to purchase Coda 2 but every single time went into an “ORDER ERROR” page. I’ve sent an email to I’m from Singapore, by the way, if that helps. Please help to look into this quickly, I do not want to miss on the 50% discount!!!! Sorry for posting “TECH SUPPORT Q’S” here. :(

Downloaded, purchased, and not looking back. iCloud sync is not a deal-breaker so I had no problem buying direct. Thanks for the hard work!

Mission complete: decided for the direct version. Don’t like the apple cloud.
Coda2 is still a little buggy, but it’s possible to use both codas together :) Thanks panic.

Thanks for another great release! I held off on purchasing Coda until this release. Glad I did as it added everything the original release was missing! Thanks guys!

“Yet, at the same time, it might not ever happen again… maybe, from here on out, we do smaller, more gradual releases over time, like a normal, sane company would.” – I think taking such a long time to do an epic release like this is totally worth it, it makes you (in my opinion) stand out from the rest of the companies and what you produce (at least for me) always delivers 100%.. As apple says, “Think Different” and you guys definitely do.. Now to decide on MAS or direct.. Need some iCloud info!

this simply made my day…*sighs* awesome!

The apps are working great! Lots of new and practical things here! But the Air Preview function is a little buggy. Hope there will be some updates for these bugs soon.

My only problem with you guys is the fact that you release so infrequently. You have been supporting Coda (which was inexpensive considering how integral it is to my workflow) for so long I have been aching to buy more of your beautiful things. Keep up the good work!

I’ve been an Espresso user for about 3 years. Much as I love it, as soon as I saw the demo for Coda 2 I knew I was jumping ship. I’ve only been toying with it for about 30 minutes, but Coda 2 is probably the single awesomest thing ever to happen to my development workflow. Amazing work.

Still no Applescript support? Is there any kind of macro/automation support?

Wow. This was well worth the wait. It makes me wish I did more web development these days—hell, I might start again, just so I can play with Coda 2. Thank you. :)

(Also: One day I am going to stop giggling at “Diet Coda,” but that day is not today. Diet Coda! Hee!)

The UI is really an impressive feat. You’ve managed to take incredibly complex functionality and distill it into a sleek, beautiful and fun user experience. As an inspiring indie Cocoa developer (who has a pretty good understanding of what’s involved in producing such a dynamic interface on OSX), I am truly blown away at what the Panic team was able to accomplish with such a small team of developers and designers. You guys are nothing short of world-class artists (who ship). Thanks so much for your hard work!

Will not work if language its set to germany!

Coda 1.7 user, downloaded Diet Coda on my 3rd iPad this morning – fantastic. Love how apps like this come out and change the usefulness of a device once considered an oversized iPhone. Now I can hit the beach this Summer without fear of being unable to support my clients and their sites. Bravo Panic team, the laptop is staying home!

Albert Kinng

5/24/2012 1:41 PM

Wow, Diet Coda is like Coda. I MEAN it’s not a basic app or a CMS kind of html editor… is the whole app inside my iPad! R U GUYS THINK THIS BEFORE SUBMITTED TO APPLE? I don’t need the Coda 2 now! and just $9.99 Ha! Really Guys Thanx a LOT

Dear Panic,

Coda has been my absolute favorite Mac app for a long, long time. My career has taken me afield from raw web dev, but Coda still stands out: nothing is this good.

The new version(s) is a head-turner!

A Man in Love

“inspiring” should be “aspiring” in my post above. Although I am aspiring to be inspiring…

*hangs head in shame*

Will there be update pricing for people who have Coda 1.x?

Steve van de Heuvel

5/24/2012 3:03 PM

Beautiful. Gorgeous. Worth the wait. Gonna take some getting used to, but THANK YOU! Almost turned to Xcode out of sheer boredom, but you saved me.

Just watching the 2 min. features video, and wow, amazing. This is the web editor I didn’t know I needed. Watch out, incoming $$ from me. Looks like it’s going to be amazing. I can’t wait to add this to my repertoire of development tools.

Zachary Fuller

5/24/2012 3:27 PM

Holy Crappo! A long wait for an awesome improvement! Totally nailed all the pet peeves in C1. Well done gents! Well Done! Looking forward to opening it daily. Cheers and hats off to the team!

What an awesome way to finish the day. I was freaking out when the email came in, and then you pushed it over the top with ‘Diet Coda’. Ha! love the name. Using it now, and spreading the word. This was soooo worth the wait. Thank You.

Michael Pasqualone

5/24/2012 3:40 PM

Thanks guys! Just directly purchased a few copies for us to trial. Great to see you supporting both the AppStore *and* direct purchase route. My preference is to directly purchase, which I’ve done – great job. Will have a good play around later tonight.

Chris Long

5/24/2012 4:05 PM

I don’t need Coda. I don’t do web design/work. I did buy Coda 1, way back when, and it sits. So now I think I’ll pass on Coda 2 and Diet Coda. But let me say that PANIC absolutely rocks. I have all your apps (until today), and use em all the time (‘cept Coda). Maybe I’ll send you some $ for T-shirts or something, because you guys deserve it. Have a great 3-day weekend, presumably/I hope. Best to all.

Chris Long

5/24/2012 4:05 PM


Coda 2 has made a huge improvement in how quick the response is which is the primary reason I switched to Textmate so looks like I’m switching back. There’s also a tons of new features that I’m really digging and that were sorely missed in the first release e.g. code folding, multiple placeholders and the mysql manager … just purchased querious … On the flip-side what’s going on with some of the icons? For instance jagged, and the big plus?

Awesome app!

Jesse Leite

5/24/2012 5:44 PM

Congratulations on the release of Coda 2! I’ve been a Coda user for a few years now and nothing has been more exciting for me than the release of Coda 2. I had high expectations to say the least! Although I have a few minor gripes, I guess you can’t please everybody! Coda is still the best I’ve used, and I look forward to the future of Coda! Thank you Panic :)


5/24/2012 6:32 PM

Congrats release of Coda 2! it’s fine job!
But, I had a little bit disappoint about code completion. You guys can create fine code completion functionality! (like netbeans or eclipse, MVC based code completion) isn’t it?
Anyway, it’s still great works.


Okay, can we get Unison for half-off too?! I’ve been eyeing it for years, but I don’t use usenet enough to splurge. Was the last sale really in 2009? It’s time to take back the 80s on 10.7.

That and, oh yeah, bring back the Adventure dragon shirt. That I’ll buy at full price immediately. I can’t stop kicking myself for not pulling the trigger before.

Congrats on the Codas!

Okay, don’t mean to spam, but wow. I usually use PhpStorm with the IdeaVIM plugin, but after watching the video and playing around with the demo for a while, I bit. There are many clever tricks in here that put 2 head and shoulders over what I saw in Coda 1. Even if every trick isn’t something I’ll use, you can tell each is crafted to make the Coda workflow an exceptionally efficient one. There’s tons of potential here, and no longer feels as idiosyncratic as when I demoed v1.

The great sale price was also appreciated. Thanks for the email heads up. I may not use Coda 2 for everything I code, but I can see living here for AMP stack dev for a while. Well done.

You know, the real clincher was the MySQL pane. I’ve been using SQuirreL-SQL for years, but for MySQL, this is nice & natively speedy, and allows you to do much of your phpMyAdmin stuff much more quickly through Code 2’s more Mac-intuitive interface. The auto-capitalizing is a little buggy and I can’t find a keyboard shortcut to execute queries (or the ability to highlight subsets of the code and only execute that), but even with the rough edges, it’s a wonderful addition. Again, very well done!

Denis Chepil

5/24/2012 9:16 PM

Thank you!
Already Buyed 2 versions, for mac and iPad.
Your software the best in App Store!

Thomas Skjærstad

5/25/2012 12:21 AM

This is insane=) nice work guys.

Hey Panic guys. Coda 2 rocks, bought Coda2 and Diet Coda yesterday! Coda2 really rocks, but what Diet Coda really needs is a option to work on your GIT servers like github, bitbucket and so on. That would make it a killer app! Great job guys!

YES, bought it on the first day, I love it, but I’ll miss the css editor from coda v1. The css pops are a really cool and helpful enhancement but no replacement for the editor, nevertheless keep it up!

Loving both Coda2 & Diet Coda!! Huge upgrade from Coda. Now if only the app was available for my “anti-Apple” co-workers OS’s :)

I double-clicked on the “PhpPlugin.codaplugin” file and Coda2 crashed. Now, every time I try to restart Coda2 it comes up for about 10secs with “Coda unexpectedly quit…” popup with the email and comment to fill in and then crashes again with the Mac/Apple crash report. Coda2 will no longer open without crashing for me. Any help??

Anyone else have this problem when trying to add plugins?

Hey guys, great work on Coda2! One issue I found so far is when I try to add an item from the sidebar home menu to my toolbar the app crashed, every time.

Oh, Panic. I love you. It was so worth the wait. XXOO

got both new apps yesterday and 2.0 is great. please bring back the css editor though. it was great to have in a pinch. could be updated with more of a preview like photoshop’s layer style palette.


Ah finally a reason to buy an iPad. The find in feature that acts as a find and replace is awesome. Just saved me more time than I had thought possible. Thanks guys.

Mack Johnson

5/25/2012 3:05 PM

Hi, did not see the “AppStore only, to get iCloud.” Anyway to redownload thru AppStore. This why I have iCloud is to work with apps that support it.

Great work guys!


5/26/2012 4:21 PM

This is the best news I’ve read in a long, long time!

I admit, I never really used the CSS editor myself.

Except, you know, when I first bought Coda 1. I didn’t know squat about CSS back then, and Coda’s CSS editor was sort of like training wheels. “There’s a difference between Margins and Padding?” “What’s an Inline-Block?” It had a lot of little things that got me on the right start.

Again, I don’t use Coda’s CSS editor at all. But it was very useful when I was starting/learning.

Still, great job Panic!

A reminder: We cannot provide tech support via blog comments. Do not post technical isses here. If you have issues or ideas, please email us and we will get right on it!

You can enable offline editing by using as Server Name.
Jailbreak your iPad, install OpenSSH then you’re done! Create a new folder in Media directory, add any file or folder you want to edit using iFunBox. Open Diet Coda, login as password alpine. More information and screenshots at

A little buggy.

Coda 2 is pretty nice. There’s a lot of neat new features. I do miss Coda 1’s CSS editor. it would be great if it came back in 2.1 as I find I use both the text-based and visual editor for different tasks when modifying CMS templates and such.

I was a big fan of Coda 1, but after a really lot of testing: Most of Coda 2 is unfortunately but definitely a step into the wrong direction. I don’t will buy it… sorry guys!

Hi, I wonder, why the UI had to change in such a radical way. There are many things that doesn´t work as good as in Coda1. Example: if you minimize the upper panel to get normal tabs, and you have opened a lot of project windows, you don´t see the name of the project – this must be a joke. And I want to use CMD+ to change between the open windows – that doesn´t work because you used a common system shortcut for “wrap in tag” – why?? I hope I don´t need to wait a year until all things work as they should. I was too quick, buying this beta software.

Joern Dyck

5/31/2012 7:57 PM

Wow, just wow! I’m blown away!

This is so much fun. With a slick iMac or an elegant MacBook, this is the web editor that we deserve on those devices. A natural fit. As apple-ish as it can possibly get.

It shows that web development can actually be fun and exciting.

I can see how much love and effort you’ve put into this product. This is really extraordinarily. It’s a new milestone for web development as a whole. It’s the poster child for competing products. The new gold standard. This is the product that nobody can ignore. It’s that big.

Totally worth the wait!

Compare this with the tools from Adobe, and you can see how far ahead you really are. Slick, fast, efficient, modern, well designed, carefully curated — and a good citizen in Apple Town. Fun to use. Motivating to create something awesome.

You guys rock! You have outdone yourself.


And a big THANK YOU!

The UI of Coda 2 is very, very smart. After getting over the initial shock (dare I say ‘panic’?) I find it very productive. Whoever thought of calling the iPad variant “Diet Coda” should get a ‘gold star’; this is the most brilliant name for an iPad-ified application, ever.

You’ve covered yourselves in awesome with Coda 2 and Diet Coda.


6/1/2012 5:07 AM

I emailed a support/feature request on 25 May. I know you’re busy, but I’m still waiting for a reply. I also sent in several crash reports within the first few hours of using it. I’d love to use the new features in Coda 2, but since it crashes every time I open it — often when it’s just sitting idle in the background — I’ve had to revert back to Coda 1. I really hope there’ll be a bugfix release soon so that I can actually use it.

Philip Downer

6/1/2012 10:29 AM

Please consider posting an updated blog post for us OSX 10.6 users. From your Twitter feed I’m hearing that there may be a bug release next week?

I immediately bought Coda 2, have had a few crashes, but am sure it is going to be perfct in the near future… just want to say congrats to Panic BUT you comment that I still think you need to have an online wiki or something… it is odd to have “big” app like this with no forums or shared knowledge. I know there are some 3rd party websites but it would be awesome to have a Coda community to turn to right here in your site… : )

Fully ACK with Dana.

Would be cool to have central place for:

– Suggestions, Questions (Support), User-Discussion
– created Syntax Schemes, Plugins, et cetera

Jon Brown

6/4/2012 3:29 PM

I’ve adjusted to Coda 2’s UI even faster than I expected, which is tribute to just how awesome it is.

There are of course a few little niggles that I really hope you address before too long:

#1 Sites need to be able to sync automatically in real time with BOTH Diet Coda AND with Transmit. ie. put a SINGLE encrypted sites database in DropBox and let me access it from all three…. kind of like 1 Password does with it’s password file.

#2 I’ve got two files open in two tabs/icons up top… Cool… now how the HECK to get them both open in a split view? Seriously it took me a week to discover there actually WAS a way to create a split view because one would assume you select both icon/tabs and split view would be a option in the context menu… it’s a PITA to do both ways I’ve figured out to do it. Using the file browser and then “open in split” and then it bouncing me into the last used doc in split view is jarring and unpreditable. Using the breadcrumb trail to go find the other file is painful… The best I’ve found is to right click the icon of the file that’s NOT currently displayed and say “Show in Sidebar” then right clicking it THERE to get it to split with currently open file. Of course I don’t want the sidebar browser open when I’m in split view so that’s anonying… my verbosity on this is equal to my frustration with it.

Code folding, auto completing PHP functions with args, the new sidebar and more are all super awesome, really I love SOOooo much about Coda 2 I couldn’t list half of it because 99% of it just feels so right I don’t notice.

Dear Panic,
I have bought a 99$ Coda license on the 14th May…
Do I really *REALLY* have to shell out 75$ *again* now ?

My bad… Just found out (t’was well hidden) that I qualified for free upgrade (bought > 10/04/2012)

Thank you Panic !

My personal bet with my other developers is about SVN ignore. I betted, that SVN will be dead before “ignore” is added as a context option ;-)

Amazing ! Unexpected ! Wonderful ! Many thanks !


7/17/2012 4:27 PM

Why didn’t I get notified of this in a Coda 1.7 upgrade notice or something like that? I can’t believe I missed that all the time!


4/20/2016 9:48 PM

AFAICT you’ve coerved all the bases with this answer!