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Coda: What Would You Like?

Hi, guys! Let’s try something new! For the past few weeks we’ve been putting together a list of the most-requested features for Coda, and we’re very curious which ones people care the most about.

Please note: just because something is on this list does not mean that it will be added to Coda! We’re just testing the waters here.

You get three votes — so, vote for your top 3 dream features! And if what you really, really want isn’t listed, simply type it into “Other” and we’ll get it. (But if it’s already in the app, you lose 50 points!)

That’s all. Click away. We’ll be listening!

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Reminder: If you’re looking for something not on this list, type it into “Other” and we’ll count that vote!

Proper multi-carret editing = Best. Feature. EVER.
Add it to Coda, then I might be tempted to switch from ST2. Maybe.

To-Do / Notes in Sites is my most wanted feature. Would be extremely handy to have that stuff all in one app.


7/9/2012 3:37 PM

Some great ideas there. The plugin manager would give some much needed visibility and discoverability to plugins, and the native color picker in pops would allow easy tweaking of colors using the more precise system and plugin pickers.

Chris Watterston

7/9/2012 3:47 PM

Coda2 is already pretty amazing but to add the cherry on top would be a file comparison feature! That would be AMAZING and very useful! I currently use ‘VisualDiffer’ which is all good but it doesn’t let me just move single lines of code from one file over to another compared file which is really annoying and time consuming..only lets me move copy the WHOLE file which longggg if I have only changed a small section of code :'(


Can you please explain how the Dropbox Sync would work? Is it something more than just allowing Dropbox control inside Coda? I already sync my web files with Dropbox, but it’s just in the finder.

Chadley: Dropbox sync of sites and clips.

It would be great if when publishing, Coda2 would check to make sure the to-be-published-files havent been modified (on remote) since they were last opened/downloaded. Kind of like a simple git pull request before a push to origin… make sense? If there is a conflict, prompt me to open the two file versions in a merge tool.

Since we only got one “other”, how about documentation for creating custom syntax modes? A lot of them are still missing.

Rick Roberts

7/9/2012 5:12 PM

Please, can you bring back the graphical CSS editor? Please?

Site-wide auto-complete is the top priority for me, and at this stage, stopping me from using Coda2 as my development tool of choice. Similar to Marin, I make use of PHP frameworks and am currently back in Dreamweaver *shudder* given it has the best balance of site-wide autocomplete as well as CSS hinting. But I’m itching to jump in to use Coda2 with site-wide auto-complete as there are so many other aspects of Coda2 that just blow me away.

Sean Nelson

7/9/2012 5:24 PM

I counted this as my “Other” but wanted to throw it here too.

Scoped Undo/Redo. Highlight a portion of your document, and when you perform an undo, it only undos in the highlighted portion.

The system colour picker would be great. The included one looks nice sure, but I *need* to be able to select from the system-wide palette and eyedropper colours from a PSD I’ll have open at the side.

Right click a tab and open it into a new window!! Was in Coda! why not Coda 2?!

Multiple cursors without any doubt

Captain Drew

7/9/2012 9:53 PM

You know, them little green arrows? The ones in the sidebar what lets you upload files without scampering off to some special Upload Zone™, or whatever blasted thing it is now? I sure did use that feature something fierce…. especially when I was whittling away at a design and needed to frequently update certain files repeatedly. Very few lubbers understand that some of the neatest sites be built by a whittling process, so I done had to go back to using Coda 1.x until one of your boffins fires a flare to let us arrow holdouts know ’tis safe to return to the new Coda.

PostgreSQL is kind of niche, but for those of us that use it, having integration into our favorite IDE would be really nice to have. For those who don’t use it, you should give it a look, it’s a pretty fantastic open-source database option. I think it’s cool that it made the poll, thanks for considering it Panic.

Paweł Philipczyk

7/9/2012 10:21 PM

Three more things:
I would like to see somehow split windows combined in opened windows/tabs.
Publish should track all changed files – not only ones edited in Coda.
SASS syntax support.

Captain Drew: Our official recommendation: 1. Stop using the ‘Files’ sidebar section. With the file browsers built into the path bar for fast file access, and the Files tab for heavy lifting, you’ll get around far faster than you did in Coda 1. 2. Leave your sidebar set to “Publish”. 3. There is no step three. You’re golden!

(But I’d put in a vote for “Sidebar Splits” as well. Er, also, I’ll add one “Arrrrrr!”.)

… and maybe local – remote files/directories compare?


7/9/2012 11:05 PM

highlight the closing tag when the cursor is in the opening tag (and conversely).

I sure miss the old way of HTML autocompletion… Put it in there as a setting, please?

For those of us using OO PHP, the lack of autocomplete support for $this-> and self:: is a pretty big disappointment. I’ve love to see that get added in!

Karl Wångstedt

7/9/2012 11:47 PM

Besides site-wide autocomplete I put these suggestions into the other field:

2) Reformat code.
To be able to “clean up” both HTML and CSS as per Dreamweaver and CSSEdit.

3) Autocomplete suggestions based on most used tags.
If i write “<d" my suggestions will be "dir" and "div" (in that order). I use div far more often then dir, so it would make much more sense to prioritise suggestions based on how often they are used. Same on CSS where for example widow gets suggested before width. This could be done more intelligent.

Two Coda 1 wishes of mine still hold today:

1. The ability to easily browse Mac »bundles« in the file system without having to use the contextual menu’s »Show Package Contents« would be very handy.

2. The ability to have »Show Change Marks« (IMO one of SubEthaEdit/Coda’s nicest features) turned on permanently would be great.

I think most of the suggested features are a good addition to Coda. Still I would like to suggest 2 more (as far as I can see) not mentioned features:
– Checking for ; in PHP, I hate that blanc browser screen ;-)
– Split screen for source files

BTW I forgot to tick “plugin Manager”.

Aaaaand juste like that, Panic releases Coda 2.1 with ALL these features.
Ok, I’m just dreaming but that would make the awesomeness-meter explode ;)

More seriously though, I think some of these feature requests shouldn’t be too hard to implement and would make many people happy, like Open Files With Single or Double Click Preference. Am I right Panic?

# css graphical editor option (sidebar?)
# css grouping of styles
# shortcut for toggling soft wrap on/off


It would be great if the project folder wasn’t necessarily the DOCUMENT_ROOT folder on the server. My usual setup for websites it do have two folders, one called htdocs, which is the DOCUMENT_ROOT and another called phplib which is the php_library_path. It’s a little more secure that way. So I’ve always had to have my project root be one folder up from DOCUMENT_ROOT which breaks the preview feature. If you could set DOCUMENT_ROOT separately from the project root I’d be delighted!

One thing that’s been bugging me a lot about Coda 2 is the find and replace. Before you used to hit cmd+f type what you’re looking for and press enter and it would find something. Now it doesn’t find anything on pressing enter and you have to click in the document and click one of the arrows depending on where you are in the document. This being changed would be great! Nonetheless keep up the great work :)

To-do list with assembled files and places in file code. When you click on to-do item coda open files and move to checked line.

Rodrigo Basa

7/10/2012 2:50 AM

I’ve emailed my suggestions earlier, July 2. But if I were to cast just one vote from this list, I’d go for site-wide auto-complete. However, I am worried that it would slow Coda down. Maybe Coda could parse the includes, requires, and imports (and other language’s syntax) recursively and limit the auto-complete from those. And the option to turn off site-wide autocomplete of course.

postgreSQL is so much superior in every aspect to mysql

Improved support for real-time live CSS editing would make my day. CSS overrides and improved live-styling support for other pages/PHP pages that aren’t directly viewable (a la CSS-Edit / Espressowould be awesome,

Jough Dempsey

7/10/2012 6:41 AM

I selected it as my “Other” but I thought I’d throw-in here some love for Mercurial (Hg) support in addition to SVN and Git. I know it’s no small thing, but it would be helpful.

Also, I guess it didn’t register with me until after I’d already posted my poll responses, but Sidebar Splits would be amazeballs. I miss seeing both the files list and navigator at the same time (although I’m trying to get used to using the file navigator more).

What’s here is great – I think with a few of these features in a point release it’ll be a total upgrade for everyone. With 2.0 those of us who have been using Coda 1 for the past few years miss a lot of the things that became muscle memory in our daily workflows.

I can’t believe “Built-In Plugin Manager / Downloader” is #2 so far. It’s something that should be used so rarely.

Giving more Transmit functions to the file browser split view would be nice. Linking and Sync, etc.

Find and replace is fine in a file, I can drag the window down and compare original and new text side by side. Find and replace across multiple files limits me to do so in a one line form in the sidebar. For one or two words this is ok, but if I have a chunk of code or a paragraph it is next to impossible.

There is no “Use Expanded Find Banner”

Be able to create my own bookmark triggers in the navigation bar (and exclude others). I saw on your tips page that you could create these using comments prefixed with “!” but I have not seemed to get this functional. What would be better, since we use Expression Engine commenting, is if I could choose my own. Our comments look like {!– comment –} so {!– would be my trigger.

I included two feature requests in my “Other” category, both of them modeled after TextWrangler: 1) Vertical tab-stop lines, which aid greatly in visualizing indentation, scope, etc.; and 2) built-in file comparison (diff’ing), which comes in really handy when you need to check what changed between edits of the same file. This last feature should be flexible enough to accomodate comparisons of all sorts: two currently opened files, two from filesystem files, one edited file against its filesystem counterpart, one edited file against its remote counterpart, one edited file against its last committed SCM revision, etc. TextWrangler does some of those in a very neat fashion, allowing you to selectively patch either file after determining the differences; some other comparison types I’m proposing as natural extensions to some of the features Coda already provides, like SCM integration and remote server publishing.

Those two additions would make Coda even greater, in my opinion. Regards!

@Eugene If you want live CSS updates, I recommend getting CodeKit and writing SASS instead of CSS. I only discovered this last week and it’s amazing. If you’ve got pages with different states due to JS interactions, it rewrites the CSS on the fly without having to reload the page. Totally revelatory.

I added an ‘other’, to stop the creation of the ‘untitled’ files when opening a site, or at least add a tickbox in preferences so that automatic creation of these files can be disabled. If I want a new file, I’ll cmd-N.

What about settings for what shows in the little tab previews (code or html) the auto html preview is almost always useless to me because im editing template files that have different paths.


CodeKit is awesome, but too bad it doesn’t play nice with Coda, in terms of uploading the locally generated less.css file. Or SASS if you prefer.

I did find a nice way around that, however. I purchased Lingon since I don’t know the first thing about creating Launchd Files

Then I told it to run a script upon noticing my CSS file was modified. And wrote a script to automatically upload the generated CSS file to my server. Handy way to get around limitations.

Lanny Heidbreder

7/10/2012 7:24 PM

I’m afraid your little poll widget has some bugs. For some reason, when I submit my selections and see the results, “More Blockedit / Multiple Cursors” has less than 75% of the votes. I also was not able to cast all three of my votes for that item, which I’m sure was just an oversight on your part.

It’s such a shame that you’ll have to completely disregard the results of this poll and immediately start writing the Multiple Cursors code when you come into work tomorrow. Such a shame.

Favorite Files List or Indicator within Sites would be great, so you keep track of your always used files (Configfiles, Indexfiles etc.) and you don’t search them in huge or nested file directories.

David Darke

7/11/2012 12:12 AM

I wish I could vote for DropBox Sync three time!


I don’t really use the upload facility in Coda any more so I didn’t realise it doesn’t pick up external changes to files. Seems a bit of an omission if you ask me.

I use Mercurial (Mercurial support please Panic, or third party plugins for versioning systems) to do all my transfers to the server in case I need to roll back.

If To-Do for sites gets up, I wonder if you could make it so that I can share lists with other Coda2 users who I choose to connect with via some list-manager dialogue/preference on a per site basis.

That way when a colleague completes a task in the To-Do I’m the first to know about it ;-)

To get real fancy you could think about syncing the list via some kind of text syncing app so the list could be shared not just with Coda2 users but with any Application that can sync a text file. Thereby creating a new meme for application developers, inter-app shared To-Do lists. Or just keep it Coda2 only for customer lock-in your choice the glory or the cash. An example that comes to mind is Notational which uses your choice of SimpleText or Dropbox to syncing multiple instances of NV — caveat being it’s not syncing properly for me b/w OS X user accounts ATM but that could be user-eror ;-)

Alastair Leith

7/11/2012 1:53 AM

If To-Do for sites gets up, I wonder if you could make it so that I can share lists with other Coda2 users who I choose to connect with via some list-manager dialogue/preference on a per site basis.

That way when a colleague completes a task in the To-Do I’m the first to know about it ;-)

To get real fancy you could think about syncing the list via some kind of text syncing app so the list could be shared not just with Coda2 users but with any Application that can sync a text file. Thereby creating a new meme for application developers, inter-app shared To-Do lists. Or just keep it a Coda2 feature only for customer lock-in. Your choice — the glory or the cash!
An example that comes to mind is Notational which uses your choice of SimpleText or Dropbox to syncing multiple instances of NV — caveat being it’s not syncing properly for me b/w OS X user accounts ATM but that could be user-eror ;-)

Alastair Leith

7/11/2012 1:56 AM

Sorry for double post. It didn’t show on first reload and I forget if I’d hit Post button.

Also note it seems possible to vote more than once, which was lucky b/c I didn’t ad my custom feature (Better Books—I want more than a CSS Appendix that almost never answers CSS my question) first time round but it would seem to discredit the results somewhat. :-)

find and replace was cumbersome in coda1, now it got even worse…
would it be so hard to move the dropdown with search options into the vast empty space under the input fields in the expanded find banner – switching between scopes and regex on/off needs unnecessary steps
a shortcut/menu option to wrap lines need to be put back, it belongs in the Text menu, not the preferences
working with many site using the same favicon (corporate identity) it is hard knowing which window I’m in… bring back the FULL SITE NAME next to the favicon… also, the new text-only tabs are useless compared to the old ones, they don’t fit as many characters, and the other tab views cut off extensions… It is really hard to differentiate between controller.php, controller.js, controller.less and controller.tpl if they all look alike – the idea with the extensions in the preview is great, just MAKE IT OPTIONAL

what I forgot: with plenty new options for the sidebar, being a user of a 30 inch display with enough horizontal screen estate, two sidebars + splitting would be ideal… If I have the space, why wouldn’t you allow me to display all available sidebar functions/content types

sorry to triple-post, but I just found this and wanted to add it: we have shortcuts for most search functions, but not for replace-all (a function I really often use, esp. with regular expressions)

A debugger will be great!!

Hey I am missing CMD+R in folders which is not a big problem but really nice to have :)
Another point is that I would like to have a feedback when a folder list is loading or things like that…

+1 for file comparison (and bonus points for merging), which I realize is a huge request but it would be AWESOME.

This one is probably a lil easier: rename-able tabs please! Not so much for files as much as Terminal… doing Rails development, I usually have one tab open for running the server and at least a couple others for doing other command line-related thing—all labeled “Local shell”.

Replace in selected text is something I use constantly in Dreamweaver!

Better Syncing:
As it is right now, if you rename a file locally and publish, it just uploads another file with the new name. Similarly, if you move a file/folder locally, it just uploads it again, which means you end up with duplicates. This also means you have to delete twice if you’re trying to delete a folder/file, once locally and once remotely. I’m not sure how many people edit locally, but for me, this would be a great help.

Also would be cool if you could right click on the local file browser and have a “download from remote” option to get the current remote files.

Jesse Leite

7/13/2012 12:40 PM

I wish I could have 5 votes! I would have also voted for Sidebar Splits and MySQL exporting too :)

– Simulate a local server to eliminate the need for MAMP and allow live previews for sites set up with a local URL.
– Open CSS file linked to open HTML file or HTML files linking to the open CSS file when creating a new split.
– Offline books.
– Keep rockin’ :)

Better MySQLi autocomplete and recognition when writing PHP please.
I’ve been trying to move away from the antiquitated MySQL functions but Coda isn’t helping!

For the love of all that is holy, please make the default option “Merge” when dragging files up to the server.

For the one-click file open, I think the way Espresso handles it is ideal: one-click shows you the contents of the file, double-click adds it to your “workspace” or tabs. Being able to see the code in a file without having to double-click to open it is very useful and time-saving.

– SASS / Compass autocompletion

I can’t believe realtime JavaScript linting isn’t on here. Add it!!

Autocomplete single quotes (currently only works for double)
Mini-map scrolling (ex:
Vertical line signifying X number of characters


+ Editing the element type for opening and closing tags simultaneously.

It’s tedious when you want to change a to a , or what-have-you.

^ Erm, that was supposed to read “change a SECTION to a NAV”

Keith Yang

7/17/2012 9:32 PM

It’s so strange that you have Haml book but no Haml syntax highlight. I’d really like to code anything with Coda 2. But first of all I always face the numb syntax color that I felt out of support. (Or is there any good Coda 2 syntax mode tutorial for people to learn from it?)

Keith Yang

7/17/2012 9:41 PM

Okay, two more votes: if it had SQLite browser it will be very awesome.
You should support /(path separator) *(regex) as match candy for Quick Open to make it more useful.

I can’t believe an ‘innovative’ company like Panic have no support other than E-Mail/Twitter – so people have to ask the same questions over and over 1 on 1, no user spoort, nothing… What you need is a) an official forum with SEARCH FUNCTION so there is a place for users to get help around the clock and b) a public bug-tracker so we know of known issues and can report new ones – you would also see how important what issues are to the customers – c) bonus for a WIKI – a place for collecting FAQs, tutorials, …

also, auto-complete for HTML ENTITIES (raquo, eur, ndash, …)

Brandon Rotkel

7/18/2012 3:58 PM

It was hard to fit everything into the “Other” box, but the biggest thing that I want to see is for the SCM section to be redesigned. It’s really not conducive to how I think most people use source control. The main things that I should be able to see is a list of the files that I’ve changed, sorted by folder, and the ability to add one to many of them to a commit. I’m usually not committing files one at a time, so having a “Commit” button next to a file I’ve added isn’t usually useful when a Commit Staged button would accomplish the same thing, and I don’t think anyone should ever commit all changed files without explicitly staging them first! I also want to see more feedback when doing a push or pull about what’s getting merged in and I feel like the frequency that it refreshes the status in the background is wasteful and distracting.

Right now, I end up switching over to Tower when I’m doing any Git functions more complicated than committing a handful of files, because it’s just so much more clear about what I’m doing. I’d like to see Hg added to SCM, too, but not before the entire system gets thoroughly looked at to figure out what it should be trying to do.

Jeremy Douglas

7/18/2012 6:31 PM

One suggestion:

Buy CodeKit.

+1 for real time JS linting.

For everybody that’s suggesting built in diff/merge…. Why aren’t you guys using FileMerge? It comes with XCode, and it’s the envy of my PC friends.

Yeah, copying everything in CodeKit is possibly the best suggestion.

Joshua Paling

7/19/2012 6:57 PM

For using Preview mode with a framework, I’d like to be able to store the URL to view for a given file. Eg. using CakePHP, in my /app/View/pages/home.ctp file, I’d put something like // coda_url=”/pages/home”, and then I wouldn’t get a 404 every time I press command-4, when it tries to access /app/View/Pages/home.ctp

Overall, I LOVE Coda 2 – awesome job.

Oliver Busch

7/20/2012 12:13 AM

– Visual CSS editor like in Coda 1.x
– SQLite support (HTML5, anyone?)
– Option: No empty new “untitled.html” document after start
– Line height setting for text editor font
– Show/hide invisible characters not only in prefs, but also in menu, with shortcut
– Soft wrap text not only in prefs, but also in menu, with shortcut
– Fix the years-old update error in Coda Plug-in Creator

– Sidebar Navigator Filter (mainly to find bookmarked code easier)


Gabriel Woodger

7/23/2012 1:33 AM

Ability to encode entities to HTML *excluding tags* like TextMate does.

Cristoforo Stevio Cervino

7/25/2012 2:10 AM

When I put Coda 2 in full screen i lost the secondary screen.
Would be great to give a preview of the site or other views of Coda on other screens!
Someone agrees with me?

I would like a white T-shirt with the Coda leaf on it :)

René Bischoff

7/30/2012 1:14 AM

Mercurial support would make me one happy camper :)

Ooh, one final request: When are you going to publish the results of this survey? Are you going to let us know what goodies you’re working on implementing?

Please add syncing of those Transmit favorites. Thanks :)

Julio Loayza

7/31/2012 3:15 AM

– Markers. I used this basic functionallity in TextEdit (Win) years ago and I still miss it in Coda: A shortcut to add/remove line markers and another shortcut to jump to the previuos/next one.

– Right side blank spaces autoremoval (when saving). Also something that I miss from TextEdit.

Julio Loayza

7/31/2012 3:31 AM

Sorry, I meant TextPad, not TextEdit :-)))

I can’t believe people don’t use PostgreSQL. It’s superior to MySQL. And now with it’s even easier to install it on a development machine.

A simple change would make me extremely happy!

When i double click a folder, then instead of going into the folder just make it unfold (or at least let me change to this setting in the preferences).
At the moment if I accidentally double click a folder instead of clicking the little triangle, it goes into the folder and if I click back all my previously unfolded folders are now closed.

@Carlos I agree with you on PostgreSQL’s superiority and I wish that Coda 2 supported it. With that and multiple cursors, I might be able to use this on a daily basis. (I love the integrated Terminal, too.)

That said, PostgreSQL isn’t what I would call “well-supported” (or supported at all, last I checked, but this might have changed) for the WordPress blogging platform, whose users probably constitute a major target demographic for this software. I’m starting to think that there is no “holy grail” editor for every Web developer’s needs. ;)

My dearest wish(es): Fix the most obvious bugs and add “standard” features for modern editors!
* Shortcuts for clips sometimes don’t work if clips-palette is hidden.
* “Web preview” throws error messages while you’re typing JavaScript (it’s possible – see Textmate)
* Folding is buggy e.g. if there is an empty line between 2 tags
* Code hinting is often not very clever… e.g. it proposes HTML-Tags while typing JS
* Syntax hilighting is sometimes wrong
and features…
Does nobody miss bookmarks? That’s so essential for me (something like “// !here” ist no alternative)
And what about deleting and duplicating the current line?

I wrote in others “customizable shortcuts”.
I know, I sacrifice 50 points but what I wanted to point out that in such complex programs (like Coda) is hard to get a list of all functions without a built-in manager that list any details of the program himself.
And is also more handly than the tips showed in the post “Top 20 Secrets of Coda 2”

I’ve also a little problem with the connection between Coda and Diet Coda. The fact is this: I use a lot the urlrewrite function, mainly in php with .htaccess files. That prevent me to use the AirPreview function, and I can’t correct the url address into Diet Coda (but I can on Coda).

Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done untill now (and for reading untill this line ;) )

I see there’s an option for “Database: Stored Queries” but we kinda already have this if you could just allow the use of clips in the query window.

I have already stored a few here but just found I couldn’t use them in the query window.

Besides site-wide autocomplete (functions AND classes) I have these suggestions:

– “PHP Include Path Settings” for site-wide autocomplete (e.g. for Zend Framework)
– Source Formatting for PHP (so we have always clean php code)
– automatic code folding for php classes and functions
– All my Programms have the libs not in the root directory (hello security), so “Preview” works not for me. Give us better Settings for the Preview Tab
– “Refactor” for rename, move, delete safely functions or classes
– “Find Usages” für functions and classes
– Code Navigation: Go to Declaration (right click menu on functions or classes)

Site-wide autocomplete would be nice, but PLEASE make an on/off switch for it. Features are nice, but not if they bring your IDE to a grinding halt. (Eclipse, anyone?)

I realize it’s probably such a niche feature these days that it won’t show up until Coda 5.3 or so, but I put “Dashboard widget simulator (aka Death to Dashcode!)” as my Other option. Dashcode is nice in the sense that it’s great to have an IDE of sorts for widget development (uh…does anyone else even do that anymore?), but it’s not so nice in the sense that it’s a flaky piece of crap and lacks a lot of the niceties I’ve become used to in Coda. Or is that the sort of thing that could be accomplished with a plugin?

at last, to leave definitively Dreamweaver i need a tool to connect to my Filemaker server DataBase, any plug-in around there?

@ Cable (7/9/2012 10:30 PM)

sorry, but this isn’t right.

My official recommendation:
1. i want to open 4-5 files individually selected at once – the sidebar file browser IS DEFINITLY faster, cmd+t opens a new tab with the root – sorry, but always clicking to all the folders to get the target folder/file is not an option.
2. Leave your sidebar set to “Publish”. – this little single publish arrow on mofied files in the filebrowser like in coda 1 was a one-step solution – AND it was one view option, what is saved an can be published, this was one of my mostly used features

at the end i want to say, that coda 2 is a great product – i like it and i work with it. but in the everyday work i have to say, i make more clicks than with coda 1 before. some important features (imho) where integrated in a smarter way. e.g. the check option for searching through folders, when you press cmd+f. this IS the standard search-shortcut everywhere. why do i need to click on a sidebar-tab now? or the top bar feature with little preview icons – its ok for who it needs, but a lot of web developers work with a lot of single files they include somewhere. there is no need for preview-icons. so i choose the option of normal tabs with text only. but where do i disconnect a server connection now? in the details, the good old coda 1 was more golden than coda 2 … ;-)

AND i would like to have the possibility to have a split screen of having a preview of index.php on the right and the code of another file on the left. especially for fullscreen mode this would be great.

I am surprised not many want file and folder cloaking.
I often run on the key press publishes after saving and that does files that I do not want to put on the server. Right click a file or folder, apply a cloak and done. It can not be that hard to implement?


9/26/2012 5:33 PM

Please put all three of my votes and all future votes towards multiple cursors. Once you have them, you can never go back. Multiple cursors and the right side overview are the 2 things that keep me using another editor, you know which one, as well as coda 2. Add those and I won’t need to use the other one.


Did i mention please add multiple cursors, like asap? ;-P

Poll is gone?
1- vi mode editing
2- full features for offline books
3- make split windows less cumbersome, one of many improvement would be that clicking in a split window then selecting a file should switch to that file in this split window! If some wants to get rid of a split, it’s just a click away…

ah! Poll is (or my eyes are) back! Sorry for the possible false negative.

+1 to rename-able Shell tabs! Having 4 shell tabs open, all named “Local Shell” is an annoyance!

ctags support would be great. I’d like to use Coda for more then web development. I like the aesthetics and sharing feature, but code completion is not very good (needs ctags). It would be nice if there were special types of sites that were aimed at more traditional development. Syntax mode support for RubyMotion would be nice, but that could be added via a plugin. Sidebar plugin support would be cool. Custom popover support for syntax modes would also be cool. Plug-in editors for special content would be interesting too.

Bryan Hoffman

10/30/2012 3:12 PM

Auto publish specific files: I’d like to mark certain files for automatic uploading. Code in less, compile with Codekit, and auto publish the compiled css file upon Publish All.

Peace I’m outta here.

luke Hoyer Millar

11/22/2012 10:13 AM

A way to prevent Coda from publishing SASS/ scss files

totally agreed with Bryan : Auto publish specific files: I’d like to mark certain files for automatic uploading. Code in less, compile with Codekit, and auto publish the compiled css file upon Publish All.

Line height adjustment would be great.

How about a way to sync your favorites from Transmit?

Alexandre Kopelevitch

1/16/2013 9:37 AM

Totally agree with OO PHP integration! U guys are doing a great job!

Jason Andreoni

1/21/2013 6:38 AM

How about when saving/adding images from Photoshop to the images folder, they automatically get marked for publishing. This does not happen for me when I save something from PS to the images folder. I have to right-click on the new images from Coda and choose Mark for Publishing. Or I can edit the file name to add them to the Publish queue.

Love Coda… Miss so much the horizontal AND Vertical split combined!

Left Coda when v2 came out. Too much wasted effort on worthless eye-candy and not enough effort spent on super-important-time-saving-powerful-features-that-make-using-Coda-a-pleasure.

Jeff Burnz

2/7/2013 8:15 PM

Indentation guides are a must, think that nearly every open source project has coding standards and indentation is a big part of code readability, e.g. Drupal enforces correct indentation for all patches, without a decent guide this makes for extra work. Dropbox sync would be really nice since iCloud is not packaged with the non-app-store version. Close all – unless I am missing something this is sorely missing. Tag highlighting also, unless there is a plugin, so start and end tags are highlighted – again a very basic thing in almost every other decent text editor.

And heck is up with empty new file generation every time I re-open a project – that is surely a bug, please fix this right away, it really detracts from what is otherwise a pretty darn good experience.

Nick Morton

2/19/2013 11:32 PM

I would love a new section added to the sidebar to show open files rather than relying on tabs across the top of the screen. I often have more files open than can be accommodated on the tab-bar which requires a large amount of scrolling sideways to move about. A vertical list of files is easier to interprete too IMHO.

Mercurial SCM Support

William Paix

3/9/2013 2:59 AM

First off: Thanks for a miracle of an editor. You’ve rekindled my love of beautiful code. :)

– What I’m missing most of all is an “auto publish” / “auto backup locally” on/off button that will keep things synced for you. This is absolutely vital, in my opinion.

– Auto-compiling (preprocessing less,sass,coffeescript,etc, concatenation and minification) upon save would allow remote development people like myself to get into preprocessing without destroying out workflow. Furthermore it would allow us to keep out css and js in modules rather than one big mother file.

find and replace is bugging me. I dont like that it only “finds” something if it’s later in my file than my cursor. I understand you dont always want to jump to the first instance of a search term but having to choose a direction via clicks seems even worse. Maybe give the left and right arrows to navigate up an down through the file, but something so that i dont need to mouse click every time i want to find something. Any way i hope i dont sound to whinney. Good work and keep it up. =)

Ability to compare (using OSX FileMerge app or other) local and remote files. Please ?

Adjusting line-height in editor would be aaawesome. And a dark UI too. I’m using the Twilight color scheme, and i would love to switch to a dark UI for Coda too. For the rest; love Coda!

U should all

+1 Mercurial

Daniel McClintock

6/15/2013 3:42 AM

Dropbox (or *any* means of) syncing of sites/clips…please!! Many developers work in a collaborative environment (myself included) or use multiple machines, and not being able to sync sites is incredibly counter-productive.

I cannot believe Coda 2 does not have ANY Go To Declaration in it!

HELLO! People other than CSS/HTML developers use your product. Add in a Right Click or CTRL + Click of a method or declaration and it should auto open the file and auto select the declaration (This is in Netbeans as a CTRL + Click)

Highlithing close tags! It the BASIC feature and its not implement in this software. Any other does this noob-function. Komodo, Notepad++ and others. Why not? Is this a big problem for Coda to do this without any plugins wich not work? Its basic!

Once you guys get site-wide autocomplete working then Coda 2 will be my go-to editor for every project. Until then I can’t use it beyond doing a quick edit here and there, which is a shame because I really want to use it. But having to flip between files in order to remember the names of methods, constants, etc. is just too cumbersome.

Jon Brown

7/23/2013 9:06 PM

I’ve tried switching to ST a couple times but keep coming back to Coda’s way better UI. Still it’s kills me that Coda still doesn’t have: Multiple Cursors, file/folder exclusions (make me super happy and use my .gitignore file) and basic IDE tools like a quick go to function within a project/site.

Finally, please please please… Shared Bookmarks with Transmit (not import/export, SHARED!). I am so freaking sick of importing/exporting site definitions and then having only half the site definition actually work — ie. starting folders not set/working, passwords/keys forgotten. I can not express how frustrating this is.

I love to work with Coda, but I´m really missing some features, so I have to switch to Dreamweaver in some cases:
– Autoformat / Autoindent Code would be an essential feature.
– Adjustable line-height in code-editor to increase readability.
– Publishing folders.
– Skip folders and their content in source control.

Been working with Panic products for a while now (Coda, Coda2, Transmit) and while Coda doesn’t have all the features other packages do it is simple, elegant and saves time in development so thank you Panic! That being said one annoying thing I have come across is the file tree not “remembering” my open folders. This is something I deal with everyday and is only a minor annoyance, but it would be great to see this function fully integrated between sites, app open/close, etc. Improved autoformating would be a welcome addition as well. Keep up the good work!

I downloaded Coda 2 a couple of days ago to test it and was so impressed with it that I had my boss buy a license right away! I love the user interface and it increases my work flow productiveness. I love (and am still getting used to the fact) that I can have my terminal, code, file structure, and MySQL database open within the same window. It has eliminated Command-Tab altogether!

That being said, I would like to see an improved blockedit feature similar to what sublime text 2 offers. Rarely, if ever does my code line up perfectly to be able to edit within the same spot where the cursor is on the lines above it. Also, the MySQL connection is pretty bare-bones (which is OK), but I would like to see a more inclusive way to edit MySQL information. I’m looking to essentially eliminate the need for phpMyAdmin and use Coda strictly for database editing.

Kasey, you may want to check out Sequel Pro ( if you want something a little more full-featured for database editing. It’s the app upon which the MySQL editor in Coda was based (and in return Panic made an awesome new app icon for Sequel Pro :D).

mercurial support

Single lines in the clips list. Or best: toggle between 1 line with the given name and more lines with the content of the clip. grtz, Jos

1. File Compare (Diff) built-in. I’ve tried Comparetor and it is buggy and clumsy.

2. Templates. People knock Dreamweaver, and for good reason, but one thing I do miss moving from DW to Coda is DW’s template feature- it made making site-wide / template-wide changes to all files based on that template, which is a lot easier than site-wide find-and-replace.

I really want to be able to Ctrl or Cmd + click on a function/method name and navigate to the code of that function. In large projects, this is soooo helpful. I am seriously debating about purchasing PHP Storm, but I really want to keep using Coda. Panic does a great job with their app design, I just need some more functionality to keep using it.

Hi Panic,

some features I would love to see in Coda are:

1. Multiple cursors
2. A Go To File / Go To Class command
3. If using Git, publish commited/changed files by FTP
4. A preference to change line-height in the editor

Keep up the good work, thx!

Visual diff for any merges using git

Sync of local/remote (images issue for example)
SequelPro-like interface for database editing
Automatic tag close

+1 Mercurial

Comment Pane:

It would be super helpful if there was a split screen “comment pane” option:
For each line of code, as soon as and end-of-line comment delimiter is reached, the text after the delimiter would be removed from the CODE pane (LEFT side) and moved to the COMMENT pane (RIGHT side). Like any split screen, you can change the respective widths of the panes by dragging and moving the screen split handle.

Why? I am a big believer in commenting most lines of code to make it readable. However, I find code comments difficult to read from top to bottom when I have to search the end of a line to find them. I have tried tabbing so comments are lined up, but maintaining alignment with code further code modification is a lot of work.

I would make this product a part of all my developers’ workflows if it had this feature.