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Coming Soon…

The official countdown has begun!

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James Aitken

4/20/2010 3:05 PM

7 days eh… Can’t wait to take this truck for a test drive.

This better be a product with giant boobs, because I recently bought a Transmit license.

Chris Kinsman

4/20/2010 3:32 PM

I can’t wait to kick the tires and see the new icon design! I bet all the ripoff artists can’t wait to use the new icon on their site as well. Shopping carts and Tow Truck websites will be changed forever. LOL.!

About damn time! ;-) Credit Card is ready for that upgrade…

Mat Chavez

4/20/2010 3:35 PM

As long as it’s not sporting a Portland Timbers logo on the side, everything will be ok. :)

Congrats Panic, this is gonna be an amazing release! Can’t wait.

Chriztian Steinmeier

4/20/2010 3:43 PM

Yay! G*dD*mm*t I’m gonna love this …

Matt @ DVQ

4/20/2010 4:11 PM

I’ve been looking forward to this for quite some time. I’d just like to say great job to everyone at Panic Inc :)

Let’s hope Coda 2.0 is not far off either ;)

My Real Address

4/20/2010 4:12 PM

An examination table from the doctor’s office? That can only mean … Mac based medical records! You guys will put the “hip” in HIPAA.

Any new release from Panic is cause for celebration. Been waiting a long time for a Transmit update. Credit card on standby! :)

Hmm, hmmm … mystery.png

I am excite!

And now to start hammering the server and code for clues…


4/20/2010 4:54 PM

Can it be the vaunted Transmit Extreme (or Express, or something else starting with Ex, EX4?) engine that we all have been waiting for? Rejoice, brothers and sisters, for now we can use a text editor that doesn’t suck® with an FTP client that blows not.


4/20/2010 5:04 PM

abrakadaver… ;) Thats exciting!

hey, panic guys, whatever happened to the TransmitKit?? iWeb uses it! (any other apple uses it??) any plans to make it public?

Jens Alfke

4/20/2010 6:12 PM

What’s the surprise? Gizmodo already has photos of one of those trucks that they bought off of some shady dealership.

Coda for iPad! Please, please, please!

Hell yea!! Can’t wait. :)

I don’t possibly know what you could add to Transmit, but I’m sure you’ll show me something amazing and I’ll buy it instantly like I did Transmit 3.0.

Can’t wait!

It’s Desktastic 4.0 hiding under the sheet along with its brother Stattoo 2.0!

The suspense is killing me…

oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

A new truck with speed limiter toggle?
I Hope to see incentives if I scrap my old truck :-)

Hotrod-transmit… when will the unveiling be? Can’t wait i have no nails left here.. :)

I’m glad to see, that the successfully story of transmit continuous. Can’t wait to get the upgrade and make a test drive with my loving truck with a beautiful polish ui.

I’m hoping this release will include some sort of iPhone app option that can replace Air Sharing Pro. Either way – awesome! I’m there!

Yigit Ozdamar

4/21/2010 12:18 AM

It’s gonna be rock!

Luke Dorny

4/21/2010 1:43 AM

What? No removable battery?! Meh…

I just hope it doesn’t get bloated.

I hope that this is not the new Transmit icon : )

Well… I can only be very happy for a major release of a Panic product, but… do you expect Coda 2.0 to come this year? And if yes, could I request better OOP support, as well as multi-touch optimization? :-)

Colin Devroe

4/21/2010 4:51 AM

Cabel – please share how you created the drop cloth. :)

Harold Beamer

4/21/2010 5:49 AM

Will it blend?

David Angel

4/21/2010 6:01 AM

Yay! Then you can work on Coda 2!

Johnnie Odom

4/21/2010 8:11 AM

This is awesome, but I am awaiting Coda for iPad. That would be a perfect use of my $99.
Please let it exist.

I know what the new product is!

Panic is making an awesome new Trivial FTP client and the icon will be a Mini Cooper instead of a delivery truck.

Yeah, what about the drop cloth? I’m guessing a wire frame truck was used in a 3d modeling app and the “cloth” was draped over it and rendered? Do tell!

Very excited about some improvements to Transmit. Then super-optimized Coda 2 in June. Then Coda for iPad in July. One can dream! :)

I understand this truck has new Toyota technology to prevent your downloads from stopping.

A new Transmit will be great!

Bob Parker: Rod, Tell him what he’s won!
Rod Roddy: A NEW Car Truck!

Samuel Beek

4/21/2010 11:23 AM

I hope it’ll be awesome!


4/21/2010 11:29 AM

Yeah, congrats! Really looking forward to the new version, been using v4 since the first beta and it really is a truly remarkable app.

Projecting my desire I see Coda for iPad.

Go panic. ……Steve,s Dad!!!!

Jason Hudnutt

4/21/2010 12:38 PM

“It’s the final countdown…”

haha awesome fan base guys – good luck, and yeh .. coda for ipad and coda 2.0 what’s the hold up ? :)

Alexander Clarke

4/21/2010 6:58 PM

Can’t wait!

One and only thing that I want to see in Transmit 4.0 (Transmit 3 HD?!) is auto change directory in remote view when I change it in local view!

narf :( … registered forklift 2 days ago … more information during the last month from panic would have avoid that …

… does it play with flash?

Hi guys,

Transmit 4 is good news , but here in France, we’re waiting for Coda 2 AND Coda for iPad !


Well, it’s a good news ! Wait for it with enjoy ;-)

Definitely excited to see what’s under that curtain of features. Because right now Transmit is perfect, so how could they make it any better?!

Ill die a little if this doesn’t haw throttling features.

Otherwise so far it looks fantastic. Very excited.

it’s very excitement! my monies are for send to you!

The newest version of Transmit is so buggy for me I had to switch to Fetch. I really hope this version fixes my issues. I’d love to switch back.

Sam Vermette

4/22/2010 3:14 PM


Krishna Sadasivam

4/22/2010 4:56 PM

As a Transmit user since its “Transit” days, back in Mac OS Classic, I am eagerly awaiting Transmit 4.0. Simply the BEST Mac FTP program on the planet!

I’ll second that request for Coda 2.0 and some kinda Transmit for the iPhone to replace programs like Air Sharing HD, etc and while I don’t think Coda could really be transferred to the iPad and preserve all the features some sort of web design program (ie Coda Lite) would be pretty cool!!!! Looking forward to Transmit 4!

Dreamweaver killer application? html5, css3, ajax, server bahaviour (addt)…

Re: Dan – Transmit for iPhone

Err, what’s the point of an FTP client for something as small and closed off as a cell phone or PDA period? There isn’t an extensive shared file directory on the iPhone, so downloading files for editing in another application (One of Transmit’s killer features) is useless. And second, Transmit can’t get files that aren’t provided by the OS for upload like your Photo Library. Might as well, in that case, be using a dedicated social photo uploading App rather then Transmit. Transmit’s too broad an application for what’s available on the iPhone.

Now, Coda for iPad; that’s another story. Coda’s already a one window web development application. And that fits like a glove with The iPad (And iPhone’s) one window working environment. Coda also needs a lot of space, at least compared to what’s available on the iPhone. So Coda would ‘work’ on the iPad (Ignoring the profound differences between Cocoa on the Mac and Cocoa on the iPhone).

The question is: is it worth it on the iPad? While less constrained then the iPhone with respect to files, it still isn’t as useful for full featured local/remote file editing as on the Mac. Can’t edit files in other applications, can’t import files not provided by the OS still.

And then there’s stability issues.

Lets say Panic, being the awesome people that they are, make a flawless iTransmitKit. Flawlessly uploading and downloading files. iPhone OS 4 comes along and suddenly we can leave the app and our transfers (Theoretically?) can continue on in the background. Yay! Now, I’ll just open up Mail, Safari, FaceBook, YouTube, Maps, Stocks, Weather. Huh, I wonder how my transfer is going. What? It inexplicably stopped? Multitasking on the iPhone OS will (to the best of my knowledge) unceremoniously kill the last used application when the RAM is constrained. Thus it becomes Panic’s fault that transfers aren’t running seamlessly in the background, when it isn’t their fault at all.

Wooster –

Sorry for the confussion.

Sorry for the confusion. By “some kinda Transmit for the iPhone” I meant an app that would allow me to access remote volumes with the ability to open, copy, paste and rename on them. Not necessarily so much Transmit for the iPhone but a new app much like Air Sharing which I like to a point but I think could be better designed by the guys at Panic.

As for Coda – if they made Coda for the iPad I would buy it. I would absolutely buy it. But just read the Ars Technica review of iWork and consider if an even more demanding application like Coda could be remade as anything other than Coda lite.

As to all your other points I think you are addressing things I never put out there. Like many of the people on this thread I’m just putting my wishes out there – some are realistic, some not. :D



please let it be either something for the ipad or something that blends very good

Ha, this one is easy! We have been testing this baby for a while. It’s called T-4 because, T-4 is short for T-4000 an advanced application made out of mimetic cocoa-alloy-api it can take the form and function of any application. This app replaces all apps on your computer, one app to rule them all! ;)

Any idea when this is gonna be released? It says 4/20, but we’re well past that ;) If this is a new version of Transmit I will be buying the SECOND IT COMES OUT! Come on guys!

Wow! Only one day. :) Congratulations. One little question. Do you think about a Spanish version of Coda and Transmit? I have a little company in spanish and i can help making the spanish translations. See you :)

Here’s for another Coda for iPad vote!

Marty Plumbo

4/26/2010 10:24 AM

I want T4 to have an iTunes (red: sidebar) interface and remote volumes that mount like disks on my desktop.

And a pony.

Justin Norman

4/26/2010 10:49 AM

As silly as it may sound to get excited about an FTP client, I’ve really been looking forward to seeing what the last few years of development have done for Transmit 4. I will definitely be downloading this tomorrow if it’s available.

Well guys congrats on transmit … but of course i would like to see that cloth standing upon a leaf pretty soon. Not for iPad as that is a pretty useless gizmo..

Cheers and congrats !

Marty Plumbo

4/26/2010 2:21 PM

Oh, right. How could I forget … I want Coda2 too. And with a preview mode that lets me type-in text. Just like Dreamweaver, only without the extreme suckiness.

Does Transmit come out tonight at midnight or some time tomorrow?

T -1!!! I’m dying!

My guess is a Tuesday-morning release. Never release software on a Monday or Friday- it’s got to be support hell.

Andy buckram

4/26/2010 8:21 PM

3am EST or bust, baby!

I’ve been a loyal user of Transmit 3 for many years. Can’t wait to see the new release.
Only one hour to go…

a bit anti-climatic.

Com’ on. Soon is not soon enough.

I think it’s hilarious that the page is organized like a keynote talk. Very nice.

Well I paid the upgrade and got my new 4 SN, but no matter what i do, it will not register…stuck in an unlock loop…

Quantize – I had similar problem but I was trying to unlock the latest beta. I downloaded a fresh copy from, logged out and back in, overwrote beta with latest version and then it worked. Good luck.

They are working on fixing this bug, check Twitter …. i got qualified for a free upgrade to Transmit 4, because i bought transmit on 3.3.2010 :) ….. thank you Panic Team ^^

Coda for iPad would be awesome.

There’s no doubt it can’t compare to a desktop version, but for quick bug fixing, etc. on the go that would be amazing.

thanks for making the beautiful transmit-icon-draped-under-a-sheet headline graphic here a transparent png so I could squish it down to 256×256 pixels, drop it into my best-29-dollars-i’ve-ever-spent candybar app, and use for my oh-my-god-transmit4-is-the-greatest-ftp-client-i-have-ever-seen dock icon which is really just an idea I stole from a screenshot of a very talented artist on da whose name i won’t mention here because i want everyone to think that i was smart enough to think this great idea up on my own (but obviously i am not so i will shamelessly stand on his or her shoulders)