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Diet Coda: What Would You Like?

And hey, why not do a poll for Diet Coda also? Please let us know where would you like to see Diet Coda go in the future!

Please note: just because something is on this list does not guarantee that it will be added to Diet Coda! 

You get three votes — so, vote for your top 3 dream features! And if what you really, really want isn’t listed, simply type it into “Other” and we’ll get it. (But if it’s already in the app, you lose 50 points!)

Thanks in advance!

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Posted at 2:22 pm 36 Comments

I think your poll may be broken. I just voted for about 10 things. Keep up the good work though, guys!

Ha! I forgot to set the maximum on this one. Hopefully previous voters acted responsibly. :)

Local files via GIT would be amazing!

in case someone else also want to write this as other:

I really would like to get old tab bar back (as an option) – where the name of the site is displayed in full (I maintain 10 sites with the same favicon) and more characters of the filename is displayed in the tabs (+optionally: keep extension in filename)

@c – Yes I’d like this too! The old tab bar was much better.

Sync sites via Dropbox, maybe other services as well, to compensate for lack of iCloud in the version of Coda2 purchased from the website. This could work by configuring Dropbox once and then simply specify in which Dropbox subfolder reside the site’s files whenever a site is added.

If you add an iPhone version, please, PLEASE, don’t make a separate app :c I bought the iPad version thinking it supported the iPhone too, but didn’t check

GitHub integration would be awesome. Also Google Drive.

As someone who has recently started working on sites on the subway where there is no cellular service, any way to work locally would be a welcome addition :)

Iphone version would be a dream come true, lighter, smaller, so i can learn more css3 on the train, even iPad can be bulky. Please make the iphone version, that could even double your user count well at least me ;)

@Michael GitHub integration would be more then awesome. +1


7/28/2012 12:07 PM

Local files via Dropbox would be awesome!

;) :) :D :P


Local files via cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, S3, etc) would be awesome. Also camera roll uploading!!!

1. Password/pass code for the app…plz really required…
2. Plz add support for integration as well, along with gitHub
3. I go with @Martin – why just one cloud? Would be great to have multiple cloud support…

Jay Barcelo

9/4/2012 4:26 PM

Please add Amazon S3 upload.

Tim Rosencrans

9/16/2012 3:36 PM

Not to bitch but I really hate the program opening up to the sites page. I would really rather it open to the last file I was working on. That and not being able to change the font size are my only two issues at all with the program. I actually often use diet coda as my main editor while testing on my Mac. It’s just flows better not having to jump between programs. Having the code in my hand while seeing the results on my Mac is the best.
As always you guys rule. Keep up the good work.
Ps thank you for the light theme. My eyes needed it.


9/26/2012 5:26 PM

Please, please, please, automatically import all sites from Coda 2 Mac version, for editing sites on the go. No way I’m going to enter and keep all 200+ sites up to date in 2 locations. Please!!! :-) Thanks.

I would dearly love to see support for the mcss bundle

It makes writing CSS so much faster. Type bg for background, flr for float-right, lstn for list-style-type: none and so on. Looks odd, perhaps, on first glance but it’s amazing how intuitive it is to use in practice.

Zen coding type HTML creation would rule too. Diet Coda is lovely but typing on an iPad isn’t just yet. These sorts of preset abbreviation expansion mechanisms would help a lot!

I want an Android version dammit!!!!!

Yeh, I would like this too.

Harry Williams

10/26/2012 11:38 AM

iPhone version that’s NOT a separate app would be amazing.

I don’t take my iPad out and about enough to actually warrant regular use of Diet Coda, so for small updates/changes an iPhone version would be 1 million times AWESOME.

Please add Python syntax highlighting! I use Python more than PHP these days for sure.

@Harry Same thoughts, there is no app on iPhone App Store, giving same features as Diet Coda. I’m currently left only with iPhone, hence no more on the run edit, buuu. +1 for iPhone version. Does not mean I don’t want other features :P

Albert Filice

12/10/2012 7:23 PM

Dropbox support of some kind would be amazing :)

Any reports on whether the results of this poll meant anything? Just really looking for a way to keep sites synced between ipad and Mac version.

iPhone version would be awesome because my iPad is wifi. If I need to reboot a server, I’d like to terminal in from anywhere.

An iPhone version would be fantastic.

An iPhone version is indispensable for testing responsive website with AirPreview :)

I’d like the following features in Diet Coda:

1) Having the file bar visible all the time. Doing the multi-multi-multi-tap dance to keep switching files is proving to be excruciating.
2) An option to have a smaller font size.
3) A better keyboard, with more appropriate characters that are visible without swiping to get to them.
4) Firebug console, and particularly something that shows Javascript errors.
5) Dropbox
6) Command completion in the DC terminal, like Prompt already has.
7) Books, like Coda has.

Hi People,

Any news for a future update?

GitHub Support would be awesome! Please. You will be the first!

T work offline with local files would be great, I personally work with dropbox for my projects

We need Github integration, please!

If you added an iphone version I’d buy it again.