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Firewatch. February 9th, 2016.

Our beautiful, gripping first-person adventure game set in the Wyoming wilderness is almost here.

Firewatch is coming to Mac, Windows, Linux, and PlayStation 4… at the same time. February 9th 2016.

Here’s the official game website, and here’s Campo’s awesome dev blog.

Our friends at Campo Santo are still polishing, optimizing, writing, and developing the very last bits of the game, working hard to make it amazing, and we can’t wait to put it out there. We’ll keep you posted, of course, and remind you when it’s getting close.

I can’t wait.

This is something special.

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I had no intention of watching 2 trailers and all 17 minutes of the game demo, but I did. It’s beautiful.

I don’t really care for PC gaming but I might have to play this on it since there isn’t an Xbox One version coming out :(

richard vallon

10/21/2015 8:22 PM

This is a lovely game- and strangely we are in a drought here in New Orleans and we are under a burn ban!
You could have set this game in the Louisiana swamps!

The trailers look lovely – I love the colour/texture and design. The ratio of Youtube likes/dislikes is very impress! Looking forward to more developments for the Windows version.

I am secretly hoping you have a Black Friday sale. Just sayin’ :)

I love games, but it’s been over seven years since I could actually sit and play one – this one get’s me excited at the prospect.

snake b effect

12/10/2015 6:05 AM

Thanks for official game website. I will play it.

Firewatch made Top 5 most anticipated games of 2016 –

It would be great if a member of Panic could message me back in relation to a review copy for the site.


Dear Cabel,

i just finished Firewatch on my MBP and it was big fun to play that game. Very, very good atmosphere and fun! But to be honest: testing should be approved. I was stuck at Thunder Canyon twice while taking the fallen tree. And, its a little bit short in time (means, there would be more than enough space to expand/extent the storyline), but hey, there are so many other things to do…

Thanks anyway. I do really enjoy your blog, every time you update and it really inspires me about what to say in a company blog.

Apart from that, i’m a Transmit fan, since the days back, when it was still called Transit (guess it’s easy to notice, that i’m a addicted macuser).

When Panic had these, then cool, Apple AirportExtreme-Stations on their freshly renovated walls. Wow. Amazing.

Please go on with it


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