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Firewatch. Mac, PC, and now, PlayStation 4.


Have you heard of our upcoming game, Firewatch? (It’s a first-person mystery/drama/adventure set in the Wyoming wilderness. You’re Henry. You just got a job in a Firewatch tower. You make contact with another watcher who only exists on the other end of a handheld radio. And then… things happen.)

Being developed by a talented bunch of smarties at Campo Santo, we’re immensely excited to be publishing what’s shaping up to be something special.

We’ve already announced that Firewatch will be coming first to the Mac and PC. (And at WWDC we announced that the Mac version will support Metal for ultimate performance and fidelity! We’re really excited about this.)

But we just announced the other half of the equation…

Firewatch will also be coming to your PlayStation 4.

And there’s more:

Here’s the brand new trailer we just unveiled at Sony’s E3 Keynote:

And here are some fresh in-game screenshots of Firewatch:







We haven’t announced a release date yet — or the release date for the PlayStation 4 version — but keep an eye on our Twitter and we’ll let you know the moment we know.

We can’t wait to take you to this place!

UPDATE 6/16: Some further reading. Jake discusses how we put together the trailer for Sony’s crazy huge screen. And over on Sony’s PlayStation Blog, Chris talks about how we landed on PlayStation 4.

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6/15/2015 7:23 PM

Beautiful! Just don’t promise to release cross-platform at the same time, PS4 will drag everything down…

Um, but I bought an XBOX One…

Saw the longer trailer a few days ago and now this. Wouldn’t have played it on Mac/PC but on a console? I just need a buy button. This game looks amazing.

Absolutely beautiful! Super excited to play this, will be purchasing to play on the PC. I especially love the dialogue I’m hearing, and Henry and Delilah sound wonderful. I can’t wait for the release :)

Here I was watching the E3 trailers to catch up, and what do I see? The Panic logo…

Wait. What? Rewind. There it is!

I’ll buy it simply because you’re one of the companies I’ve liked since 2003. This is a big jump from IDE software!

Wow guys, it looks soooo good!
When is the release on all platforms?

reminds me of one of the sequences in the book of world war z where he is on the radio to the woman. looks beautiful cant wait to play on PS4

So very excited about this! Nice one guys :)

But… but… but… I bought an Xbox One :(

That looks truly awesome, cant wait!

Wanted a PS4 but ended up with a Xbox One due to friends. I guess I have to pick up the Mac version I guess.

Ryan Jones

6/24/2015 12:12 PM

Oh man I can’t wait for this game to come out, it looks SOOO good. May need a new graphics card though…

What about a psvita port? :)