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July 2nd, 2018

Hi, friends. Panic has a very special opportunity in 2018 for a nice, creative, talented engineer to join our award-winning dev team. We’ve got a lot going on over here, including work on a brand new version of Coda, as well as constant fixes and improvements to Transmit, so that means we’re desperately looking for macOS developers.

A rare breed, we know, but we think you’re out there.

I like to think that Panic is a place where you can write your own destiny and make a real impact on our products and our future. (In fact, you kind of have to write your own destiny, because there’s not a lot of managerial oversight.) You’ll call a lot of shots, you’ll own a lot of things, and with any luck, it will feel pretty good.

If this sounds interesting, head on over to our jobs page and submit your resume soon.

(Also, there’s one other thing I want to mention that’s not explicitly stated in the job posting: if you read our qualifications, feel like you’re really really close to matching them all but you’re missing one, or maybe you aren’t a super confident person or feel a touch of the ol’ imposter syndrome creep in as you read the page, please consider pushing through and applying anyway. None of us here are perfect geniuses or have it together 100% — we’re all just doing the best job we can, and I’m confident you can do that too.)

We really look forward to hearing from you.

Posted at 12:16 pm 4 Comments

Coda is my favorite IDE! I am so so so so happy to hear about the next version!! Hope you hire the best one!!!

While Coda makes decent apps for developers. their licensing strategy is a big let down. I purchased Transmit 4, after 2 years I get the option to purchase version 5 or quit. Thanks a lot Panic, this is not how my money should be treated. Even if this policy is mentioned in 4px font size in your Terms & Conditions, this is wrong and I will purchase other offering next time.

@Sujin. Coda 3 will be never released. Panic promised it in 2015. Soon it’s 2019. Nobody trusts in trivial statements of Panic. It is not possible. If a company is going to stand by for years, it loses lot of time. Time in that other communities and companies are building very impressive soft. Webstorm, Phpstorm, Visual Studio Code…. How want Panic get all this nice tools in short time get into one soft peace??? Never ever.

@Tarada I also fell at times like that, but the landscape is changing and it will make no sense to ship something before say.. some standards like the language server protocol (and the languages adoption state) have reached the maturity level where Panic can embrace them into Coda and make something at pair and far ahead fo the poor electron age and old java based IDEs around. At least I see great potential and trust these guys to do the right thing and pick the right moment to gives us something solid and awesome for the age of tomorrow.

Other than that, awesome to see job postings for a macOS developer! (best job ever ?) Also expecting something legendary!