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December 7th, 2018

Hello! Panic has an opening for a Web Services Engineer to join our award-winning team at our Portland, OR headquarters.

We’re looking for a Python developer with Django experience to help us maintain some of our existing web services and write some new ones!

We don’t currently support remote work, and would prefer to hire someone already in the Portland area, but we still encourage anyone to apply and would relocate someone within the USA if we can’t find a suitable local candidate. Please follow the link below to the job listing to see the other requirements for this position!

Now, it’s possible you might not think of Panic as much of a “web services” place. I get it. But there’s actually a lot going on over here! in addition to our rock-solid Panic Sync service, and our homegrown eCommerce platform (“Circle”, which just underwent a massive modernization rewrite), we have upcoming services needed for the next major update to Coda, as well as other very cool undisclosed future projects.

You’ll call a lot of shots, you’ll own a lot of things, and with any luck, it will feel pretty good. Sound interesting?

Head on over to our jobs page and submit your resume soon.

Also, there’s one other thing I want to mention again that’s not explicitly stated in the job posting: if you read our qualifications, feel like you’re really really close to matching them all but you’re missing one, or maybe you aren’t a super confident person or feel a touch of the ol’ imposter syndrome creep in as you read the page, please consider pushing through and applying anyway. None of us here are perfect geniuses or have it together 100% — we’re all just doing the best job we can, and I’m confident you can do that too.

We really look forward to hearing from you.

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