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Keita Takahashi Visits Panic

(Here’s a special guest post from Noby of Panic Japan. -Cabel.)

We love 塊魂!We love のびのびBOY!という訳で、僕らの大好きなゲームクリエータである高橋慶太さんが Panic の本社を訪れてくれました!!

We love Katamari! We love Noby Noby Boy! Well, Mr. Keita Takahashi, our favorite game creator, finally visited the Panic office, officially!!

高橋さんはかねてからの Mac ユーザで、以前より我々の FTP クライアントである Transmit のユーザでいらっしゃいます。また独特のプレゼンテーションを Desktastic で行い、近年はサイトの制作に Coda を使用していただいています。

2004年末(そんな前!)私たちは、塊魂(そしてその後、のびのびBOYも)の公式 Tシャツ制作依頼という無謀なオファーをしました。高橋さんはそれを快諾し、ご自身によって新たにデザインされた Tシャツは現在も人気です。

He is a Mac guy. And he was originally using Transmit. He also uses Desktastic in his unique presentations, and Coda to make his website in recent years.

At the end of 2004 (time is fast, surprise!), we rashly demanded the right to produce official Katamari (and Noby Noby Boy also) t-shirts. Takahashi consented it willingly. Recently, the shirts designed by him have been super popular.


一方、時を同じくして Floating World Comics では、塊魂とのびのびBOYにインスパイアされた作品を集めたローカルな展覧会が開かれていました。それらの収益はチャリティとして関連団体に寄付されます。

So, as thanks for his hard work, we invited him to our office in Portland.

At time same time, there was a local art show of Katamari and Noby Noby Boy inspired artwork in the bookstore Floating World Comics! The profits were contributed to a charity.

展覧会は素晴らしいものでした!そして何より 6年前にリリースされたゲームが現在も多くの人々に影響を与えていることに驚かされます。すべての作品はこちらから見ることができます。

This art show was amazing. Floating World did an amazing job!! It must be a crazy feeling to know your game can still inspire artists 6 years later. Here are some sample pieces — all of the artwork can be seen here.


Keita visited the show! And, he really enjoyed the exchange with lucky people who saw our tweet immediately before his visit.

これまでの数々の記事やインタビューで、しばしば高橋さんの極端な意見が紹介されています。ある人は彼を Keita ではなく Hater (嫌う人)Takahashi と呼ぶかも知れません。気難しいと思っているかもしれません。


So, in a lot of articles and interviews, Keita’s opinion is often extreme. A certain person might even call him Hater (Hey-tah, instead of Kay-tah) Takahashi. Or, some internet guy says that he is hard to please. No!

This is 100% wrong. He is really candid, pure, unique, and an animal lover — so awesome guy.



Anyway, now that Keita is a freelancer, we are really excited for his activity in the future.

Keita, please visit Portland again with your family!

(I also highly recommend you check out Keita’s awesome new blog. -Cabel)

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Does it need to be said?

Katamari + the Incident = HIRE THIS GUY!

Imagine if instead of stuff falling onto you in the Incident, you had to roll it up into a ball and upload it to your website…

You guys see where I’m going with this yet?


12/16/2010 6:46 PM

I love Poster #3 showing a humorous graphic of the human digestive tract! It is whimsical and delightful and pleasing to me as a former epidemiologist. I’d love to see a larger version but couldn’t find it on Flickr. That isn’t a tech support or negative comment, however, I just need to look more carefully.

That leads in to my second point: This Blog Comment Form 1.0 is The Best! Very nicely done, down to the last little detail. You deserve to do well.



And good my Katamari-shirts are an their way to Europe.

I love Nobi Nobi Boy T-Shut too!

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