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New Goods: Locke’s Lions Shirt

A while back, we blogged about the official Panic basketball team, PS 208 Locke’s Lions. As well as helping them buy some equipment, we also whipped up a fancy-pants crest design for their jerseys.

Many of you asked the obvious (to you, but somehow not to us!) question:

“When can we buy these shirts?”

Answer: right now.

Printed on amazing-feeling (and slightly costlier) indigo-colored American Apparel 50/25/25 tri-blend track shirts, these are some of the nicest goods we’ve ever made.

Even better? A portion of each sale goes straight to the team.

We’ve only got a small sample quantity in stock right now, but we’ll backorder them so you’ll be able to place an order no matter what: if they run out, thanks for your patience while we print more.

Hit the Panic Goods and help us continue supporting the team. It’s a win-win-win-win. (That last win is the Lions winning their way through the season.)

Posted at 1:48 pm 7 Comments

Luke Dorny

5/25/2010 2:16 PM

50/50/20?? No wonder they’re more expensive!
Also, very cool, panicpeople.

Yes, these shirts defy the laws of physics! :) Also, fixed — 50/25/25 it is.

Paul Souders

5/25/2010 2:28 PM

You guys are so cool I cry. I can’t live in the same town as you, I’m not cool enough.

Great, now I’m gonna be living in Scappoose. Thanks a lots.

I think its great you guys print on American Apparel.
Besides being made in American, they are so comfortable!

Christopher B.

5/29/2010 2:05 PM

Very cool. Wasn’t aware of all your apparel until this entry.

Nick Satkovich

6/4/2010 6:42 AM

Just ordered one! We used the same shirt to make our company shirts, it’s a great shirt. Keep up the great work Panic!

Stephen O’Brien

6/7/2010 6:24 AM

They look great! Might I ask what percentage is going to the team, though?