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Noby Noby Panic Wallpaper

Keita Takahashi, the creator of Katamari Damacy (the “roll stuff into a ball” game) and Noby Noby Boy (the “stretch a thing around other things” game), is an interesting study: he’s an artist in the traditional sense, making non-traditional video games, for a very traditional Japanese company.

Of course, you know we’re huge fans — we even improbably made a whole series of Katamari and Noby Noby Boy t-shirts together.

Recently, Keita and his team shipped Noby Noby Boy for the iPhone. What is it? Wh.. where do I begin? Take basic iPhone utilities — camera, music player, notes, etc. — then press them through the mind of a toddler, squeeze a couple drops of comedy, sprinkle a little ground physics engine, then coat them in pastel fondant. I’ll say this: the built in GPS function has the best music of any GPS, ever. Give it a try for $1.99.

Anyway, to celebrate, Keita drew the following Panic/Noby wallpaper for readers of the Panic Blog.

Enjoy! We can’t wait to see what Keita comes up with next.

Posted at 8:53 am 5 Comments

Very cool wallpaper, looks awesome on my iPhone ;) No cool Panic wallpapers for the MacOSX Desktop ? ;)

That’s by far the nicest wallpaper my iPhone has ever seen in its life. ;-))


3/10/2010 10:47 AM

I’d love some Panic desktop papers! Also, nice use of -webkit-transform, made me think something was up with my monitor haha

Now it all makes sense…