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Notes from the bleeding browser edge, Cabel

May 21st, 2012

RE: the Coda 2 Tour Video, for those who discovered how it works.
  • The 3D transforms are totally hosed in Firefox. We spent a day on workarounds until we discovered it’s fixed in Firefox 13 beta 1.
  • Chrome displays, but doesn’t properly transform, the movie’s mask. We switched to a black background.
  • Firefox doesn’t understand the mask at all. Black background again.
  • There’s no documentation on what the size/resolution limits are for iPad movie playback. If our movie was 1300 pixels wide, it’d fail. 1200 pixels wide, no problem. Too-high frame rate, fail. 15 FPS, no problem. WTF.
  • iOS won’t play our movie or poster frame if’s behind .htaccess auth. Why?
  • Reports coming in that some iPads/iPhones still don’t show the video. Why.

That said: so totally worth it.

Finally, a present: here’s the song I wrote for the Coda 2 video (2.8 MB MP3).

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5/21/2012 3:37 PM

Great review thanks for sharing with us, can’t wait to buy Coda2 for a bargin price of £35.


5/21/2012 3:38 PM

Can we see a download link to the video?

Tinkarobert97 (!): Just go to the Coda page and click the orange Coda Tour button!

Whoa, Nice job! I had no idea it was all done with transforms until this post.

I can’t imagine the time spent debugging/figuring all this out. I’ve never seen a product video tour that impressed me enough to want to share it around the web and comment on it though, so excellent work, Panic team!

Cabel Sasser, recording artist.


Are you running Coda in HiDPI mode? It’s all a huge conspiracy, Tim Cook is in on this :p

Just wanted to let you know I watched the video on iOS (iPhone 4S) last night and it worked great.

insanely … ;)=

Love the song and video.

Would love to use the song as background for one of my little projects (ei short YouTube/Vemio video). When you say “present” do you mean unlimited use of and modification of the tune?

Thanks again and the two Coda apps look awesome (I’m guessing I’m stuck with Gusto Mobile for quick edits from my iPhone though D: )

I’m sure you know this but your new site, lovely though it is, *really* sucks in IE8. I know, I know, they should install a real browser, I understand and agree, but it should at least be legible for those who do not.

Albert Kinng

5/22/2012 6:58 AM

@Mark : Please go download Chrome or other browser! IE8 doesn’t worth the work just for your pleasure! let that browser do the job for our grandmas and grandpas of the world!

Coda for iPad looks great!

Peter Witham

5/22/2012 7:52 AM

So excited, cannot wait to play with the new tools. You must of known, I was just saying the other day ‘I wonder if Coda 2 will be around soon’. The new ‘pad tool is going to be interesting, never enough screen real estate on a desktop for design and code views so this should be most useful and I’m an avid user of prompt so should feel natural to use.

Thanks for all the hard work.

I read that wrong at first: “here’s *a* song…” and was really hoping it had lyrics. A Coda Ode, if you will.

Michael V.

5/22/2012 10:23 AM

Your second-to-last bullet (the .htaccess one), I ran into with a client’s site a couple months ago, and reported it to Apple as a bug. They’ve acknowledged it, hopefully we’ll see a fix soon!

Sometimes, the video works in Safari. Sometimes, clicking the “Coda Tour” button accomplishes nothing. No idea why.

I’m looking forward to checking out Coda 2!

Phew! For a second I thought the font in your post was Skia ;-)

The vid is just amazing. Kudos to you all! BTW, it’s May 24 (yes, I am living in GMT+8), can’t wait to see the new Coda!

What time will it be available in EST NYC?

Mark: we made some changes to address some of the issues with IE8. It should look a heck of a lot better now. The video, unfortunately, still won’t work.

Matt Ralston

5/24/2012 9:02 AM

Regarding the .htaccess issue with videos. I think it’s because Quicktime runs in a separate process downloads the file on its own (rather than Safari fetching it). I’ve encountered similar things in the past.

Its possible configure coda for two ftps? staiging ftp and production ftp?

Your tour felt like I was trying to work next to skeezy old coder trying to hand me enough candy to not notice he was feeling up my thigh as he sat next to me. You totally made that work. I am enjoying Coda 2 right now.

WordPress design & devs. might want to check out WP over AirPreview and WYSIWYG split view (the later used to be only possible with Dreamweaver) now with WordPress compatibility in Coda 2!

Here’s a clip (rewind for the whole video)