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July 31st, 2019

Hello, long-time Panic friends. It’s nice to see you again. We have a few quick — and important — announcements for you.

A new Mac editor.

You’ve been waiting. For a very long time. Us too. And we’re so happy to announce that the next Coda is almost here.

And it’s called Nova.

Our next great Mac-native text editor, Nova, is about to enter private beta. We’re looking for testers, and we’d love for you to be a part of it. We’ll be doing tests in groups, so the more we know about your editor usage, the better!

Visit the Nova Private Beta Page

A few possible answers to a few possible questions:

Why “Nova”?
Nova is a dramatic upgrade in every respect, a total re-write and reimagining. It felt appropriate to give it a new identity.

Is today’s Coda dead, then?
Nova is replacing Coda, but if you like using Coda there’s good news: we’re planning a final Coda update soon to add support for macOS Catalina, and we will always update Coda if any major security issues are discovered. Importantly, if you like how Coda works and haven’t yet purchased it, do that now — it will not be for sale in 2020.

How much will Nova cost?
We’re still figuring this out. We’re leaning towards a Sketch-like “buy it, keep it forever, and get a year of feature updates” model. We also hope to provide a discount to Coda 2 owners, to be determined.

Will Nova be in the Mac App Store?
Not at this time. This is because of Nova’s heavy reliance on arbitrary third-party executables and extensions, prevented by sandboxing.

And later, an updated iOS editor.

We’ve also begun work on a new version of our iOS editor. It won’t ship at the same time as Nova, and it won’t be a feature-complete copy of Nova for Mac — rather, we’re planning something that hopefully strikes an ideal balance between Nova-like functionality, and Transmit-like functionality, for on-the-go work.

But! Until this new version is ready, we’ve somewhat-comically renamed the current app to just “Code Editor“, since there’s a new Coda in town — a reimagined document at So, don’t be alarmed if you search for Coda for iOS and wind up with Code Editor. That’s us!

We can’t wait to get these new apps in your hands!

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James Finley

7/31/2019 10:44 AM

As a web developer that loves iPad and the upcoming iPad OS— and working on iPad and iPad OS), I would love to see Nova be the first fully-featured code editor for iPad. I don’t treat my iPad as an “on-the-go” device, doing the large majority of my design work on it while sitting at a desk, on my couch, or wherever I am. Please consider bringing a true, Panic-style, powerhouse of an app to iPad.

Just Another Panic Fan

7/31/2019 12:04 PM

Seconded on the “would love a fully-featured code editor on the iPad” sentiment. I’ve been clamoring to be able to truly edit and run my web app on the iPad for years, but sadly Coda for iOS hasn’t been able to meet my needs due to the fact that we use Webpack, Grunt, Node, Mocha, etc. I know supporting a full dev environment on iOS is big ask, but it would be a game-changer.

@James: To bridge the gap between the current, uh, iOS Panic Code Editor and the future Nova and become “fully-featured”, the difference largely involves being able to work with external tools in the background and/or asynchronously. That’s possible on the Mac, but not on iOS/iPadOS. The sandboxing that Panic is referring to as the biggest restriction on macOS is far more restrictive on iOS, and the alternatives are to either embed (and “librarize” + code sign, etc) dependencies or commandeer a shell session on a remote machine and integrate with tools there instead, which would make for a very choppy experience at the best of times. Either alternative is more or less an architectural moon mission.

If you want these restrictions to be lifted, you’re better served talking to Apple Inc than Panic Inc.

I hope they do not forget to add the feature ALT+CMD+Arrow Down to duplicate a selection. I use this shortcut so much.

Panic Fan + James: We totally share your iOS dream. But here’s the problem: iOS doesn’t support the execution of arbitrary external tools needed for modern web development — essentially all the tools you listed. It’s just not possible. We’d do it if we could ?. Edit: “what Jesper said ☝️”

James Finley

7/31/2019 12:10 PM

@Jesper Oh, believe me, I understand. I develop apps for iOS. The current version of Coda for iPad is good for me, as I can remote into a server and work from it. Now I can run any environment I want. The problem with the current Coda for iPad is how dated it is. If Nova embedded the native Files interface for document opening and allowed me to work with Document Providers like Working Copy, I’d be able to have a workflow with a lot of power on iPad.

@James That’s in line with what we’re working on!

James Finley

7/31/2019 12:16 PM

@Cabel Dude. Only one question. Will it be free?

I kid! Take my money!

I’m hoping Nova simplifies the whole Virtual Box, Vagrant, Homestead, etc. mix. It all gets so complicated when all I want to do is design, code, and write mark up. That’s one of the biggest pains in the butt, but maybe I just don’t work with it enough yet.

Jason White

7/31/2019 2:46 PM

Yes please no subscription based costs. They are the bane of the internet.

Spicer Matthews

7/31/2019 2:59 PM

I am very excited for this. I really hate all other editors. Was a long . time Coda fan but it just did not keep up with modern languages. I would pay any amount of money to have an editor that can beat Atom in my overall happiness.

Matthew Shipley

7/31/2019 3:18 PM

I’m looking forward to this. My needs are likely not that complex, but current coda does feel old now and the features in things like Dreamweaver / VS Code pull me away from it. There’s still a lot to love, but I’d live an updated / native app more.

I’m with you on the want for a good iOS code editor, i know we’re limited here, but I’m really hoping you guys can make something great. The current app is pretty damn good, my main gripe being the lack of linting. SASS support would be awesome too (wish list could go on, but this isn’t the place for that).

Oh please please, not a subscription based license! ?


7/31/2019 4:31 PM

Please syntax and autocomplete for Laravel and PLEASE not a subscription based license ??

Really looking forward to this! And the Sketch-like pricing model is a great idea. Obviously a one-time purchase is ideal, but I understand ongoing development costs.


will Nova shine up in the Mac App Store with the release of macOS Catalina?

…and please a subscription based model like Transmit in the Mac App Store.

I like subscription models so much, because Developers earn finally continuously money for their great work like the Panic Team!


Please: Nova in the Mac App Store (Catalina).
Please: A Subscription Model for Nova in the Mac App Store (Catalina).

Thank you so much!

Nova looks good! Please don’t use the sketch licensing model though it really sucks to have to pay the full cost of the software every year for every member of the team. Perhaps full cost then lesser upgrade fees, or a choice between a higher one off cost and a low cost subscription?

I like Coda and use it every day and am excited about Nova.
Your license idea (… get some time of updates, use forever) is fine for me. Please don‘t go with a purely subscription based model!

I am a Coda user since day one. I am really looking forward to Nova. Please don’t stick with subscriptions model. What are the system requirements for Nova?

Really excited for this! ?

And I love that you are thinking about the Sketch model. I really like that model.

I can buy it once, and use it forever and not update, if it’s a tool a just use some features of, and not that often, or subscribe to, for the tools I use everyday, and get regularly updates.
I love that Sketch can release minor and major features whenever they are ready, and not wait for an arbitrary date, to have a large enough update to charge for.

Hi. Can’t wait for Nova to land.
Please don’t do only subscription model.

This looks like it’s going to be awesome. Great work as always, Panic. The teaser screenshots look like you’ll be combining code editing, terminal and git (and, presumably, FTP amongst other things) workflows in to a single package. That essentially saves me from having two extra apps open whilst coding. Lovely (so long as it’s memory-performant ofc). Regarding the iOS app. I’ve recently bought an iPad Pro and I’m tempted by ‘Code Editor’ for those rare occasions when I absolutely must code away from my laptop – however I’m also concerned that it’ll soon be shelved in favour of your Next Big Thing. Will there be a discount for recent purchases of Code Editor? Can you shed any light on a release window?
Regarding pricing in general. I would be concerned from your perspective that a subscription model would turn a lot of people off after their first year expires. You’d have to be cranking out awesome upgrades regularly to make people miss them. A larger sum upfront would seem more reasonable with paid major upgrades every 2-3 years. Then your devs could focus on major “wow” releases instead of bashing out features (and bug fixes for them) at breakneck speed. Combined with a discounted upgrade for existing users (essentially a subscription model) this seems like a win-win.

Every user here want no subscription model.

But these users are the first crying and flaming you about every upgrade price.

So please release both: a subscription model in the Mac App Store for macOS Catalina and a payed Version like Transmit 5 now.

And everyone is happy.

Mitchell Bray

8/14/2019 10:43 PM

Have you started betas? did i miss out (filled out the form a week or so ago) i really hope not my php storm subscription is due in a month and i would love to ditch for a new(coda)

Bram Wyllie

8/22/2019 3:30 PM

I have to be honest, it’s UI looks fantastic to use, but the actual design leaves something to be desired. The mix of skeuomorphic design with the macOS flat design doesn’t look very nice, and the titlebar’s slanted dividers don’t really fit in with macOS correctly. Things just look out of place in modern macOS. But even so, I’m still very excited for it! I was actually working on writing my own macOS code editor before this got announced, so that makes things a lot easier for me.

Jörn Dyck

8/25/2019 5:56 AM

It is happening! With all those features and windows I finally have an excuse to buy Apples coming 32-inch-display. Looks like a lot of work went into this editor. I look forward to learn all this new stuff!

Kevin Smith

9/18/2019 12:40 PM

Just wanted to throw in my 2cents, even though I know it’s just a drop in the bucket. Feel free to do a subscription. Please. I don’t mind paying for good software and I like knowing development will continue, especially with something like this that isn’t aimed at the wider market. I’m beyond excited about this and I want it to stick around.

it’s a great announcement. Thanks for sharing. We are waiting for the next Coda or “Nova”. It is important to update according to time to make the work easy.