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Panic is Ready for Lion

Not long from now, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will be ready to download for eager Mac users across the globe.

Well, we’re ready. Today we posted four (!) software updates, mainly to improve Lion compatibility and be ready for the future.

We haven’t yet dug into Lion-specific features, such as fullscreen, but these minor updates will at least keep you rolling with your favorite Panic apps well into 10.7.

Better still? All of these updates are 100% free for current owners.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Coda 1.7.1. This important release fixes some annoying possible crashes in Lion. Not much else changed, but that’s because we’re very busy working on the big guy.
  • CandyBar 3.3. Not only are we up to date with Lion’s icons, but we also tweaked our user interface to better match 10.7, fixed the Export size slider to snap to common sizes, and more.
  • Unison 2.1.5. No known Lion issues to speak of, but we did fix a frequent crash with playing audio, squashed a rare situation where preferences would get reset, and more.
  • Transmit 4.1.6. Our amazing Transmit Disk feature (try it!) now fully supports Lion (a “non-trivial” change, I’m told). We also snuck in support for the AWS Tokyo region, Cyberduck 4 favorites importing, and more.

(As always, you can get full release notes by hovering over the ‘Download’ button on each app’s web page.)

These updates are available immediately direct from us. Just launch and use the apps — they’ll update for you. (CandyBar users will need to manually download and replace their current app.)

If you bought via the Mac App Store, hang tight — these updates (save for CandyBar) are currently in the review process, and should be available very soon.

We hope you enjoy Lion!

Posted at 5:23 pm 33 Comments

“…the big guy…”

This is very exciting.

Thanks for building awesome software, guys!

cool cool cool… I actually _just_ got a macbook pro knowing that Lion might break things.

and you guys should let the folks at and let them know about this.

I know that you got this a lot, but, git support for 1.8? pretty please?

Thanks a lot guys!!! Still loving your great apps…

Coda 2. Will we see it this year?

Dan Leech

7/6/2011 1:25 AM

Great news! Looking forward to a hassle-free upgrade to Lion when it hits. Now, Coda with Lion-friendly full-screen mode… yes please!

Some of lions features look awesome. Full screen is a must on coda 2.0. But also wandered if you were going to get a chance to incorporate the document version api. There’s been times when time-machine has saved my ass, but I don’t always have access to it. It would be great to have this incorporated in the new coda release, perhaps with the code comparison tool your no doubt developing. Look forward to 2.0 keep up the good work, think you now have pretty much the whole mac developer community waiting on it, no pressure ;-)

Supergreat, thanks for the fast fixes!

“the big guy”.. I think I nearly cried when I read those words

Woo Hoo! Cant wait for the “Big Guy” !!! Keep up the great work, and thanks for freeing me from Dreamweaver!! (DW Free now for 14 months!)

So many props to Panic! I will continue to support Panic because your produce phenomenal software and respond to user comments and feedback in a timely fashion.

Kudos, and bring on Coda 2.0!

Can’t wait for Coda 2.0! Thanks for your work.

Panic team; thank you for the great apps!!
I hope coda 2 supports auto-complete for your functions. This is one of things I am currently missing!
Is there a page with requests for your software updates?

I ment “your own written functions”

When will we see the “Big Guy”??? Soon?

What exactly is the “Big Guy”? Coda for iOS or Android maybe??!!

File this under the “full screen would be teh awesomest” feature request ticket you guys must have. Keep up the good work!

… I’m also so excited to be using Coda in… bum bum bum, Full Screen Mode!!! :-)

Jack Barham

7/24/2011 2:58 PM

I would love to see a Lion friendly full screen option on the next update (and for Transmit too, as I use it as my main file organiser too). Any news on when Coda 2 is heading our direction ..?

Add me to the list for full screen. I emailed you guys about a student discount once upon a time, and never have been more rewarded by paying full price! Thanks for being awesome!

Very happy with the progress with Lion, and glad you’re on it.

Also, I want a full screen image of that Lion with the glasses you used!

Can CandyBar be updated to make the UI in Lion not suck? I want my Aqua buttons & colorful sidebar icons back. I’m surprised that this UI update is so bland. I thought I was running OS X, not Linux (even Windows looks better than this in some regards)

Add me to the list of people who want fullscreen :)
Keep up the nice work, looking forward to Coda 2.0 and other great products from you guys

Any hope for an update to Desktastic? It’s a great tool I use in teaching, and have been holding of updating to Lion!

Will Transmit include in next update synchronization capabilities through iCloud? The MobileMe option for this was quite useful… but yesterday gone with the wind…

yet another Coda user waiting for Full screen in lion.

Please port Unuson to iPad! There is no decent Usenet solution for iOS, especially for dealing with binaries.

Full Screen support for Coda and I will buy it!

How to make Coda 1.7.4/5 use Lion’s fullscreen feature:

Specifically, follow those instructions on /Applications/, TSDocument.nib, MainMenu.nib, and Sites.nib. (Maybe only some of those are necessary; I don’t know.)

To confirm Adams comment, I also followed the directions on applying the changes to the following files:



After that I fired up my new version of Coda and I had full screen mode.

@Joshua Can you share your changed files, because I have a problems with conversation to xib. I really don’t know why, but “plutil -convert” is not working for me.

@Joshua I mean – please share your changed files.

Coda V2.0!

The Lion sidebar icons make me want to barf. Will candybar be able to change them soon?