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Quick Testing Time, Cabel

August 21st, 2012

We’re wrapping up a couple of updates — if you have a moment of spare time, and are feeling testy, we’d love your stamp of approval.

If you find a bug in either, please login to Hive, our bug tracker, and file!

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How does one get a Hive account?

Jay: There’s a small “Register” link in the top right hand corner of the login page.

Ha ha. I totally didn’t even notice that gray bar… just blindly assumed it was part of Safari.

Amazon Glacier? Support for this like S3 (if possible of course) would be dreamy…..

Is Hive an open-source bug tracker which other businesses can use or is it specially made for Panic?

Will notification center be coming to FTP transfers in Coda 2?

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8/29/2012 2:50 AM

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I second for glacier support in transmit.

Do you have a timeline for Glacier support yet? Thanks!


Glacier for the win!

I would also love Glacier support!

Glacier, and I would definitely buy transmit

Daniel Brockman

9/30/2012 6:46 AM


Yet another vote for Glacier support.

Yes, Glacier support please!

Glace me too!

Are there any plans to incorporate the notification center into Coda 2 for file transfers?

+1 Glacier FTW

Did anybody mention Glacier? If not; Glacier, please.

Zach Phillips

11/11/2012 7:52 PM

Also me please on the Glacier niceness.

I already bought Transmit, but I would love…. drumroll… Glacier!

Glacier please.

GLACIER GLACIER GLACIER…need it yesterday. :)


Martin Schmidt

11/26/2012 5:55 AM

Glacier, Please!

Any news about Amazon Glacier support?

Mario Thomas

11/29/2012 9:44 PM

Glacier here too!

GLACIER please ;)

+1 on glacier

Adrian DW

1/6/2013 2:41 AM

Ooh, ooh – glacier support, please!

Dennison B

1/22/2013 3:27 AM

double drum roll- Glacier for the Win!


I just looked into glacier, and now that I know about it I need it also.

Glacier +1

Glacier Support, please

Craig Tommola

3/20/2013 7:41 AM


Craig Tommola

3/20/2013 7:42 AM

Because “mount S3 as disk” + Adobe Bridge = DAM Cool. Add “mount Glacier as disk” and you’re in DAM heaven.


Be agile, guys. Give us just the basics to start with – file upload, rename, move, delete, etc. More cool features in whatever order you like.

The Glacier service is designed for data that rarely needs to be downloaded, so you may be able to defer an in-app solution to that problem indefinitely.

Yep, Glacier +1

Glacier, please!

Glacier! +1

Panic – Any thoughts or updates on this?

Did anyone mention Glacier yet?

i don’t think anyone’s mentioned it.. glacier please. ;-)

Glacier support please

Glacier support, please!

Dit somebody say…. Glacier??!!!

Also here checking on Glacier (uploading) status. Looks like that’s a good description for Panic’s movement! wonk wonk. Until then, I’m happy using Syncovery.

Been in intrigued by Transmit for a while, but would be more intrigued if it supported Amazon Glacier.

Add me for Glacier as well.

Guys I really love Transmit, awesome software, keep up the great work.

All I want for Christmas/New Year is Glacier :-)

Still waiting for Glacier support. It doesn’t sound practical to pay for S3 storage, just to then move to Glacier manually, and clean up the (temp) S3 storage.