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Status Board Mania!

It’s only been about a day since we unleashed our Status Board app to the world, and we’ve been truly astonished by the amount of cool things people have built to make it even more useful and amazing.

Here are some of the greatest things we’ve seen so far.


Dead Simple Greatness. One click for new things:

  • TubeTracker — an incredible one-click layout for people in the UK who rely on the tube (pictured above)
  • AAPL — simple panel for Apple’s stock price (don’t follow too closely or you’ll go crazy)
  • LastFM — see your last-listened track
  • App Store Review Times —  a great way to see how busy Apple is
  • WWDC Alert — but really, how fast are tickets going to sell out this year
  • Bart Arrival Times — for those of you in San Francisco

New Native Sources. Direct-from-the-source data for your Status Board.

  • LeafPing — output your Envato sales data to Status Board. An example.
  • — track your podcast statistics on the big screen.
  • AppViz — this must-have app for App Store sales tracking can now output to Status Board
  • Don’t forget our amazing launch sources: StatHat (so useful!) and Hockey.

Sources/Conduits. Some code experience necessary to get these going:

  • Nest — a quick look at the temperatures on N
  • Server Statistics — keep an eye on your server loads
  • OmniFocus — a Python conduit to get your tasks up and running
  • Google Analytics — 7-day website stats
  • Jenkins — display running jenkins jobs in a table
  • TimeTiger — interestingly, a Windows app for time tracking
  • Mint Analytics  — a Pepper to create Status Board-compatible web stats
  • Mite — time tracking reports
  • Things — a way to get your Things to-do lists up and running
  • AppFigures 1 — a conduit for displaying your AppStore sales data
  • AppFigures 2 — another simple PHP conduit for AppStore sales data
  • BitBucket Issues — track open issues in Git/Mercurial hosted source

(And you can always add a new Do-It-Yourself panel and point it to always-running Mario.)

We’ve heard of some fantastic web services working on native Status Board data, including AppFigures and GoSquared. Stay tuned!

Finally, some unofficial third-party sites are springing up to track new things: Pinboard,, and

And we love seeing photos of people’s Status Board installations, such as this one in a Ducati dealership:


Keep sending us your cool things! Tweet to @panic or give us an e-mail!

Posted at 1:34 pm 21 Comments

Why are you guys so awesome? :-)

Bob Pluss

4/12/2013 3:19 PM

Awesome. Can’t wait to see more pictures of real-life use scenarios. This app has so much potential!

Great job, Panic! Is it possible to send data back to feeds based on a click? Would be great as a house monitor to, say, turn up the thermostat.

This is so awesome, and congrats with the release.
Looking forward to see what else ppl come up with :)


Are you thinking about setting up an official repository or forum or something so we can find interesting Status Board goodness?

Have you considered investigating how many people doing custom installations using an external display would use a 4th generation iPod Touch to power that display if an iPhone / iPod version was available? If all the data is to be displayed on an external display there’s not as much need for a huge touch screen sitting there doing nothing, plus, an iPad generally costs more.

Your description of “people in the UK who rely on the tube” – shouldn’t that be people in London who rely on the tube? Since the tube is of course the London Underground ;)

Oliver Michalak

4/15/2013 3:53 AM

If you want to track APP Store download or IAP statistics as StatusBoard graphs I’ve written a small tutorial and some scripts: for a self-hosted solution

Frankie Yuen

4/17/2013 5:16 AM

Great app.

Would love to have multiple statusboard to choose from – in real life I would want to have a StatusBoard for office and another set for Home.
(Would be fantastic if the statusboard can be set to swap automatically, determined by device location!)

I could see that at the moment there’s a share your StatusBoard option in the app which one may send a .panicboard file to another via an attachement in email so I would assume it’s structurally viable?
(Unfortauntely the .panicboard is not in .html format and styles are managed in .css or a Property List as I first imagined)

Once again – great app, hope my wish list will come true.


Bruce Sackett

4/18/2013 7:46 AM

I created a very basic graph to chart multiple postfix message queues. It can be found at:

This will be perfect for our lab. Displaying lists of switches which have cored, or whose mts buffers are backing up, and by how much, what perturbance tests are passing/failing, router reachability, etc. Really, the list of things that could (and will) be monitored on an esthetically satisfying canvas is endless Panic provided a beautiful container/conduit and my guess is that they have avhitnon their hands.

Well, as usual, Panic has delivered fun and fantastic product. I’ve made 2 dashboards so far using custom data and it worked awesomely.

But there is one major pain point – we need to sacrifice an iPad to have this running on our TV all day. We’d love to use our old iPad 1 for this but, unfortunately, the app crashes constantly.

So, can I ask if there’s a Mac app port in the works? :)


4/24/2013 2:44 AM

Great app!
I can’t use data source with my name in it (it has a ç ) but great anyway.

Indeed a mac app to run full screen in a space or to output to a second screen (or integrated web server?) would be great as well.

Hi Panic!

i’ve made a little service that can be called through graph module to show stock markets and prices, check it out!


6/8/2013 3:45 PM


I’m will monitor my heating with this app

I think this app is great, however I cannot seem to find anybody that has successfully fed SharePoint List Data into the app. Any thoughts or links to help me out? Thanks!

i would love to fed Sharepoint list data to Statusboard, have you found a way?

Wil Ferrel

12/22/2013 9:35 PM

I created a Open Source service to get JIRA and App Annie stats in order to use it with Panic Status Board check it out and contribute.. This is an awesome App and the more services the more people will customize and use it.

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Love this program, any possibility of collecting data from apps installed on the iPad?