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Super Holiday Shirt Sale

Some big holiday news over at Panic Goods:

All of our t-shirts are now on sale for $10. All of them. No jokes.

The Transmit “Roosevelt” shirt now has a limited quantity of women’s, XXXL, and XS sizes.

This is your last chance for a Katamari/Noby Noby shirt, as re-orders have ended.

To ensure holiday delivery, we’re only selling what’s on the shelf, no backorders. Order quickly.

Now hopefully I can post this to the blog without spending a thousand hours on a design or slogan.

Posted at 11:38 am 4 Comments

Awesome. Off to go buy a few shirts now.

Spinner Hoodie *@$% YEAH! Only small and xx-large :(

That’s what I get for being median sized.

Are those black/silver Katamari shirts men’s sizes?

When are you going to have the T4 Roosevelt or Elephant in Men’s Medium?

Shirts look great!