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What would you like from Transmit in the future? Here’s your chance to let us know.


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Posted at 10:28 am 18 Comments

Better sync support!
The current sync has worked alright but I don’t trust it. Adding/removing favorites often results in a mess. Many time I’ve had to export and re-import all favorites to get things back in a working state.

Show remote file paths. I often use transmit to open code on remote servers. Transmit stores the files in a temp folder with a long random name. Other SFTP apps use a temp folder that reproducing the remote servers path. This is very important to let me see where the file comes from.

Example: I might be editing a php.ini on two servers, it isn’t possible to figure out which is which if I forget.

James DiGioia

2/3/2015 9:27 PM

Cloud services support, like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc (even ownCloud would be awesome). Being able to access those via a FTP-like rather than having to keep them all synced on my computer would be great.

Alexander Bussman

2/4/2015 1:02 AM

Built in terminal is all I want for a complete experience with Transmit

Sync bookmarks with the ios version

“Built in terminal is all I want for a complete experience with Transmit”
=> Maybe launch connection in terminal instead.

Please don’t add too many features… be the best at file transfers.

Would be awesome if you could initiate syncs out of Coda (pushing files is great, but it would be awesome if you could initiate a full FTP sync from Coda into Transmit)

Also, make sure it’s Yosemite pretty, but I’m sure you’re all over that

Panic Sync support in OS X to allow iOS and OS X sync for bookmarks.

Matt Lundstrom

2/6/2015 11:49 AM

Zip / Unzip.

I like to see more automation features in both transmits.

In Mac, I hope transmits support applescript. Alfred and launchbar support are welcome too (Select bookmarked site in them directly)

In IOS, url scheme support will be a killer feature. Workflow or Editorial can’t use transmit ios directly now.

iTunes File sharing or another way of synching documents with a mac connected via usb.

It would be awesome to see Transmit get Panic Sync so we can keep the bookmarks between all of our Panic apps updated.

Another feature I would love to see in Transmit would be a hierarchy download, where if I setup a location to download files to for a specific site, I can download something inside a folder and it downloads the parent folders as well if they do not already exist. Similar to how Dreamweaver stores files when you create a site definition. This could be more for Coda, but might not be a bad idea here either.

Is there a way to make an ignored files rule for local / remote files? The .DS_Store files are irritating to look at. Typically I also don’t want to see certain files on my server, like images or PDF’s. It would be nice to have a custom hide files functionality and toggle for it to quickly see those files later if I need to. Currently if I hide hidden files it will make the .DS_Store go away, but also my .htaccess files too.

When using Transmit in full screen, following a file name over to it’s properties can be a little daunting since there isn’t an alternating color between files. Kind of like the way Mac OS X by default has a subtle gray background on every other item.

Obviously, faster is better. Anything to make the App take up less resources and run smoother is awesome, especially on systems that run a lot of background apps.

Panic Sync support and diff functionality!

Andreas Vejn√ł Andersen

2/13/2015 4:51 PM

I would love to have better control over rules per project/connection. (So not only a global rule/filter)

Support for MicrosoftAzure blob storage would be really nice.

And as has been mentioned before better support for syncing settings between machines. Currently seems to mess up favorites every now & then when using dropbox as a sync storage.

Mout as drive able to auto start at system-startup, so a folder is more-or-less becoming a permanent folder without having to open transmit…

Hey Matt Lundstrom
“Zip / Unzip.”
I think this is what you want.

See number 12 of:


3/2/2015 4:30 PM

After simulating a sync, it would be great to be able to select individual files/folders to sync instead of committing to transfer all.

Brian Fuller

5/25/2016 1:52 PM

Google Drive support, please. It would be quite a coup to have Google Drive mounted as a disk within the Finder. CyberDuck 5 now supports Google Drive but the program does not have the elegance of Transmit. However, that support of Google Drive gives the Duck the edge.