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Yes. Panic has a blog.

open-signWe just got back from one of the most exciting vertical B2B twebinars we’ve ever cyber-attended, and walked away with an incredible business tip: apparently, a lot of internet businesses now use “internet web logs”, or “blogs”, to communicate with customers! Hot damn!

Welcome to the Panic Blog.

In all seriousness, Panic has always applied the “Apple Model” of company communication: we talk about things when they’re ready and released, and we very very rarely talk in between. But it’s almost the year 2010, and this feels more awkward than ever. Now, we hope to talk more.

So, what are we up to lately?

It goes like this: Unison, TransmitDesktastic and Stattoo, and yes, Coda, are all currently on the whiteboard for updates, all major (except Stattoo), and possibly in that order.

In short, all of your favorite software is being worked on in some way.

Before you ask: we still can’t talk release dates. The #1 reason? We’ll almost certainly miss them, and you’ll be angry when we do. We’re a small company working on many things, and these things take time, so please have patience while we work! Thanks!

Anyway, hello.

Thanks for reading. And if you’ve got any topics you’d like us to “blog” about, feel free to leave a comment. (At least until we end up disabling comments while sobbing gently into our childhood teddy bear. Lord help us all.)

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Ray Brown

12/8/2009 11:40 AM

How exciting. It’s great to see you guys opening up a little bit. No matter what you decide to share on this blog, the Panic community will be grateful for it. Welcome to the blogosphere (funny, I told my grandmother the same thing last week)!

Danny Cohen

12/8/2009 11:41 AM

great design. can we look forward to an article about the process?

Luke Dorny

12/8/2009 11:47 AM

Way cool. Stunned. Blown away.

Luke Dorny

12/8/2009 11:49 AM

Also, your div.comments should be switched to div#comments otherwise links to the comments section are non functioning. ;) Small oversight on a magnificant design.

Jesse Wilson

12/8/2009 11:56 AM

Here I was hoping Statoo would see a major update (no sarcasm intended).

Federico Holgado

12/8/2009 12:03 PM

This is incredible. Yay Panic :)

Jay Robinson

12/8/2009 12:09 PM

Great job on the blog. I enjoy seeing the different post styles.

AWESOME design! Can’t wait for more interesting blogposts :-)

Too bad Coda is last on the update list, though :-(

About time you guys did this! Absolutely gorgeous blog btw. How about a post on your “panic sale” add you guys did last spring?

Mark Wales

12/8/2009 12:21 PM

Loving the use of webkit transforms. Genius!

This… template… is… awesome

Incredible work once again !
Definitely going in my RSS.

Martin Taylor

12/8/2009 12:26 PM

Design wonderful, as usual. Even the comment form is nice. You guys make me sick. Well done.

Eric Lorenzo Benjamin Jr.

12/8/2009 12:28 PM

Wonderful! Finally ;-)

The rotation is fun, but man does it make the text wiggly… very much hurting my brain.

This is the best blog design I’ve seen this year.

Well crafted.

Please integrate the webkit inspector with Coda!!!!!!! Please!!! I used to be a ravid user of Coda…

It’s already integrated, you just need to rightclick, and select “Inspect element”. The only thing that isn’t there yet is a button to activate the Web Inspector, but the API’s to do that haven’t been made public by Apple, according to Panic.



Is there an RSS-feed available?

Yup :-) You can click the RSS icon in the address bar, or just go to this URL:


12/8/2009 10:33 PM

yeah, thanks for the new blog, you really made my morning so far!

Beautiful looking blog, Panic guys. I like the humor in the comment form as well. It’s definitely inspiring me to make my blog design a little more special. Time to fire up Coda…

Thank you so much. I think it is important for you guys to communicate, gather feedback etc…
This is not a slam but: you are NOT Apple. A small company cannot remain isolated because it seems like you are going away… I just purchased Coda, and am really happy with it. But I want to know you guys will be around. So make some noise.

Mario Estrada

12/9/2009 9:46 AM

Great design, just one tip: use -moz-transform to also implement the rotations on Mozilla.
In JS: = ‘rotate(1deg)’;
You probably already know that, but just in case :)

Mario: actually, we did NOT know that! :) I’m not sure how we missed it. We’re working on it right now. Soon, Firefox users will also think there is something wrong with their eyes and/or computer!

Panic updates! Please move higher on your list.

Mario: Bad news. Text looked terrible and stair-stepped so I rolled it back. (See here). Maybe they’ll improve it in the future? Dare I file a Firefox bug? :)

I’m five days away from buying a Coda license… Will your upgrade(s) be free?

Our major updates are typically not free. But they are also not five days away. :) (Also, we do generally provide a ‘free upgrade’ period for people who buy close to a major new release.)

Yeah, the design is awesome! I’m looking forward to CODA update, of course :-) Are we talking about v 2.0, or 1.7?


12/17/2009 12:31 PM

Great design — really! Only one thing to mention though: The readability of the comments could be improved in narrowing the width.


12/18/2009 4:26 AM

…just came back to Panic to learn about new stuff at my biggest friend called Coda and what do I see? A blog and again absolutely Panic-like: super-great & super-unique in design, wow!!! Congratulations!

Jonathan Blair

1/5/2010 2:43 PM

I do PANIC! Happy New Year!

A Panic blog, that’s something that was missing !
Thanks for the amazing software you make !

I have no idea how I would make websites without Coda…. xD
Love you !

Unbelievable! You guys have created some beautiful software and now… a beautiful blog. My fav is the fact that blog posts look different according to their content style. SO SMART.

Finally! What a great blog design. And I’m even more stoked to hear more about what is going on. I use Coda every day and I’m hoping for a great new shiny 2.0.

Very nice design! You might want to work on the “« Older Entries” button on the main page though. (Don’t worry… in one of the sites I recently launched I forgot to add in an older entries button at all!)