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Panic Podcast, Season Two

Monday, May 13th, 2024

The Panic Podcast is BACK with another season! The new episode, Season Two, Episode One (S2E1, in the parlance of our times) is titled PAX AT It Again. It attempts to answer one of the hardest questions in both software and games, which is:

Why would anyone—and in particular, Panic—want to make a trade show booth?

It’s 45 tightly edited, gripping minutes on the topic of spatial design (literally). Plus, it includes a look ahead to some of our Season Two episodes!

Listen to it here—or, you know, wherever you get your podcasts.

Help Wanted: Python Web Services Engineer (Early 2022)

Wednesday, January 12th, 2022


Panic has a job opening for a Web Services Engineer on our award-winning team.

Panic does a lot of interesting things, from developing Mac and iOS software (like Nova, Transmit, and Prompt), to publishing video games (like Untitled Goose Game and Firewatch), to developing our own handheld gaming system from scratch with a full SDK (Playdate).

We’re looking for a Python developer with Django experience to help us maintain some of our existing web services and write some new ones.

We are mostly located in Portland, Oregon, and would be happy to pay for your relocation here if interested, but we are open to remote work for this position if you are based in the USA. (We hope in the future to expand our hiring and compliance to include international applicants, but we’re no there yet.) We have a number of remote workers and have, like most companies, been entirely remote since, oh, right around 2020. We do hope to return to the office in a hybrid fashion, only for those who are interested, whenever that is possible.

What kind of web services work?

Panic, as you might imagine, has an incredible amount of web infrastructure. In addition to good old fashioned self-hosted websites, there’s our solid and reliable Panic Sync service used by Transmit and Nova, our homegrown store platform for direct app sales which recently added sales tax calculations, our Playdate account management and game distribution system WOPR, etc. We currently have just one web services engineer, and we need your help with any number of these projects.

You’ll call a lot of shots, you’ll own a lot of things, and with any luck, it will feel rewarding. Sound interesting?

We think the person that would do best in this position will have Django or Python experience, but perhaps you currently use another modern web framework. You will need to be self-directed and care about good documentation. More than any degrees, we will want to see your past work, and hear about your experiences.

One other thing

Also, a standard and important Panic note about our job postings. If you read our qualifications, and feel like you’re really really close to hitting them all, but you’re missing one — or maybe you aren’t super confident or are prone to imposter syndrome and a voice is telling you to walk away — please consider pushing through and applying. None of us here are perfect geniuses or have it together 100% — we’re all just doing the best job we can, and I’m confident you can do that too.

We really look forward to hearing from you.

Click here to apply to our Web Services Engineer (Early 2022) job. Applications close February 1st, 2022.