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2010: Year In Review

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

As a private company, we don’t get to experience the joy of posting quarterly results. Which is great. On the other hand, we don’t really take the time to look back. So, let’s change that: here’s our yearly results, a little look at what some of what we accomplished in 2010.

  • At the very end of 2009, manufactured some super-fun Panic Retro Boxes + Posters. Print, not dead yet!
  • Wrapped and shipped Unison 2, a major update to the best usenet client on the Mac, period, with a total UI overhaul, fantastic new features, and our own PAR code written from scratch. (Good thing Dave’s a math major.) We also overhauled Unison Access, our usenet service, making it cheaper, faster, and offering a free demo. Finally, we shipped 9 free updates, making the app even better.
  • Put together the handy-cum-dandy ShrinkIt, a little tool for reducing the size of PDF icons in your app.
  • Created our Panic Status Board, an epic, much-loved, airport-inspired dashboard display of wha happen.
  • Somehow sponsored a 4th-and-5th-grade basketball team in Harlem called PS 208 Locke’s Lions. (Later, we made shirts which helped further support the team.)
  • After a very long, intense development period, shipped Transmit 4, a huge overhaul of the world’s best file transfer client. We improved every part of it, from the engine to the air freshener. We also added Transmit Disk, which at a normal company would probably have been sold separately. We also built, tested, and shipped 10 updates, some minor, some truly major, all free. To celebrate, we also introduced the comfiest shirts we’ve ever made.
  • In a mere four days built Coda Notes, a launch-day Safari extension which lets you annotate web pages. Cabel got to demo it on stage! (Unfortunately, he’d kill me if I linked to that.)
  • Cranked out Developer Color Picker 1.5. It’s an add-on for the system color picker – it lets you go from onscreen color to code-ready string in a click. People who need it sure do love it.
  • Tested and approved 5 solid updates to Coda, including the HTML5-tastic Coda 1.7.
  • Raced against the clock to make sure the Panic Big Three were available on the Mac App Store on day one. We did it! (Phew!)
  • Added three awesome new people to our team – Garrett, James, and Greg.
  • And Steve had a baby.

We also heard from you — tons of you. We read and handled over 52,000 support emails (!). We responded to exactly 16,710 tweets. And although this might sound crazy, we loved it.

Your support, your purchases, your endless ideas, your goodwill, and the fact that you tell your friends and colleagues about our apps — we very literally would not be here if it weren’t for you. It was the best year ever for us, and we hope it was for you also.

That said, we can’t wait for 2011…